Friday, March 14, 2008


Part of my routine for the week is that I get out to two places; a coffee shop for Wednesday night knit night and to a friend's house for Thursday night craft night.

I read The Yarn Harlots "Knitting Rules!" I have enjoyed her wit and information, this is more of a reference book for my library. I did read something I had not heard before, and that is her way of doing what she calls "proper swatches."
The book is on loan to a friend, so I cannot quote directly, but basically she tells you about how to make the swatch the right size and after you knit it, you cast off, wash it, wait for it to dry and then measure. I think she gave the reasoning behind this method, but as the book is on loan, I cannot reference that information. I was taught to cast on enough stitches to make the piece larger than the measured area by two to four inches and then knit up to about two inches past the row measurement and measure.
This made me curious about what to do if you need 10 balls of yarn for a sweater, buy 10 balls and end up using one for swatches, evidently you need to buy an extra ball. In the book she said you could use the swatches as coasters and give them as presents. Do people like knitted coasters? Maybe.
I took a survey at knit night and craft night, oh my! Over 50% admitted to not doing swatches, and others said they kind of did them, some did them the way I am used to doing it.
It was interesting, not a momentous hot topic, but I learned a bit about my partners in crime.

I have been working on two pairs of socks and and a shawl.

I am just past the toes on my toe up Campanula sock. Campanula means little flower and is of the bell variety which makes the name very appropriate, as it has lace bell flowers on it. No picture of the lace pattern, I'm not that far yet.

Better get knitting.

The other pair of socks I am knitting are from sock club; we meet on the first Saturday of the month, get a new pattern and some yarn (at a discount for members) and go our merry way until the next month when we get together, show off our work and re-start the process.
This months pattern is "Hugs n Kisses" from South West Trading Company, It's pattern is ribbed cables of X's and O's. It calls for TOFUtsies yarn, I however opted for Cherry Tree Hill Louet yarn. very delicious color called "wild cherry". Yummy! (n0 I am not eating the yarn.)

I LOVE my hand knitted socks, people don't understand sometimes why you would take so much time to make something you could buy for a couple of dollars in the store. They have shook their heads and looked at me like I am crazy and have even said so. I feel sad for them, they have not known the comfort.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Opening day

Blogging is an exploration and journey and this is my opening day on Blogger, yeah, corny. I began on 360 and decided right away it was not for me, I think I posted all of three times.
I have been knitting and crocheting for over 30 years, its hard to own a date when you don't recall the date. I was in my teens, I learned to crochet from and aunt who has sadly passed and I taught myself to knit. I like both knitting and crocheting, I just seem to knit more these days, when I started I more often crocheted.
I am looking forward to several projects that I have cued, in my living room, my sig other is not thrilled, but he accepts my illness well; he's into electronics, stereo components. I'm parring down my stash, because I feel I need to.
I recently joined ravelry and it has been awesome in helping to organize my yarn, books, magazines and needles.
I plan on talking about my knitting, crocheting, spinning and other things that meander through my days.
I learned to spin eight years ago, I stopped spinning for awhile and have recently made an attempt to spin again, I just need practice, the stuff I am producing does not look too bad.
There are a couple of house cats that live here and put up with us and I have a toy poodle named Sadie who is part of my shadow and stays close to my side.
No children, lots of nieces and nephews, five sisters and a few good friends.