Sunday, April 22, 2012

3rd Annual Knitting Retreat

Nokomis knitters just returned from their 3rd annual knitting retreat at Bug Bee hive resort in Paynesville Minnesota. Before we left we picked up my Facebook friend, Fudwick Pilwinkle the garden gnome so he could participate on the knitting retreat. Apparently like all or most garden gnomes, Fudwick like to travel. He did put on his speedo to go to the pool and hot tub, but it was too cold. We coordinate meals and clean up, and we have someone that brings her espresso machine and makes wonderful Lattes.

 Fudwick at the bug-Bee sign
 Fudwick by our door at Colony A.
 Heidi contemplating Fudwick and his new found friends.
 Fudwick met friends at the cabin, they are Desuma (with the pink hair) and Tip (sitting and bald).
 Fudwick and Desuma
Some of our knitting friends, knitting of course.

We went to yarn shops on the way up and while we were there. There is Silver Creek Cabin in Buffalo, Gruber's and Bonnie's Spinning wheel in Saint Cloud, in New London there is Uniquely Knit and The Flying Goose.

Heidi and Tia knitting

Some projects were finished, some were started, some were frogged. I finished the back of my sweater in progress, did some frogging on a sleeve and a slipper I started while there. I began a pair of Fast and Furious Fingerless Mitts while I was there.