Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ravelympics, sock club and more

I joined the Ravelympics, I know, it sounds funny. I am on two teams, sugarbunnyblvd, sock put and teammn, wipswrestling. So now I need to complete my secret socks (not in the ravelympics), my campanula socks and Bri's slippers for wipswrestling and my SBB pink ribbon socks for the sugarbunnyblvd sock put. I think I can get them all done by the deadline, which is the end of the oplympics, but I cannot start working on them until the start of the Olympics.

I changed my ravatar to the SBB logo, that was before I joined the Minnesota team for wich I do not have a ravatar. Isn't it cute.

Wish me luck, I will need it.

Saturday was sock club, we have a dragonfly sock to make for this month, I will leave this for after ravelympics.

After sock club a few of us went to Knitter's Palette, it is so nice there, open, Zen. anyway I of course purchased the new Vogue knitting magazine with the article on Ravelry. Good article, it amazes me how short a time span, just one year or so that Ravelry has been around and how much it has grown. There are 160,899 registered Ravelry users as of todays check. That is a lot of people in several countries around the world and the numbers grow daily.

Tazsmonn, my happy house mate is always promoting Ravelry at work, whenever he sees anyone knittingor crocheting. Ravelers promote Ravelry daily to anyone in the knit and crochet community.

Well that was digression for you.

After the Knitter's Palette, We went to lunch at Red Robin, lunch was very good we like the strawberry lemonade) the it was on to Three Kittens to check out thier moving sale, lovely people there as well.

I am continuing to go through things around the house, purging the excess and making life more simple. Today's project is one of the dressers in the bedroom, I have stuff on top and thngs other than clothes in the drawers, like cd's, a cd player and junk like that. It's a bit slow because I have a bad allergy headache again today, this on too of slight athsma issues, oh well keep pluggging along I say, and pray for medications to take better hold.

I have become a laundry fanatic lately, I do wash everyday. No more end of the week laundry back up.

Happy stitches