Monday, February 6, 2012

Cabled Waves of Love Wrap

I decided to make a wrap for my niece to use while nursing her baby, Who is due to arrive at the end of March. I had a few synaptic hiccups in getting this started, for example; I started out getting advice from a couple of knitters at the table who have children, even went through the motion of looking at yarn with one of them and almost had something picked out when I had a "look, shiny" moment. Needless to say, reviewing the yarn after purchase and starting, although it is lovely, soft and beautiful, I bought the hand wash yarn, a lovely WOOL BAM BOO by Classic Elite, but not super wash.
Ok, I think she may be able to deal with this.
Next, when I was buying the yarn, I remembered that all my #6 needles were engaged in other projects, so I picked up an inexpensive circular to get me through the project. THAT WAS A MISTAKE! I have now discovered I'm a needle snob. I could not for the life of me deal with that needle. It did not feel right, the cable was stiff, I was so frustrated, so I thought I would try to fix the problem. I took the needle back to the yarn shop and begged for pity on a silly fool who bought the wrong needle, proceeded with the story of how awful it was using the needle, like going from driving a Cadillac to driving a beater; I needed an Addi needle. Fortunately, being a frequent flyer and loiterer at the shop, the owner laughed at me, said she wished she had recorded me as a testimonial to Addi Turbo needles and told me to change them out, I thanked her, paid the difference and now my project is happier, as am I. The wrap is for the baby shower at the end of February, so I have to knit like the wind.
The pattern is an eight row repeat with two cable pattern rows in it, I am hoping to have the pattern in my head soon. I wrote up a pattern for it after making a gauge swatch and deciding it would look very pretty. It will be about 31" x 74" after blocking. Right now I have about two inches in length and I am pleased with how it is looking.
Although this stitching trail had a bumpy start, but it's moving toward a happier ending.

Happy Stitching Trails to all,

Stitching hermit