Friday, May 9, 2008

Free skin cancer screening

This is a short post that I want to put out as a single topic post, because it is important and it's good to be screened.

Olay is again sponsoring a free skin cancer screening. If you go to the web site below, you can go to the site, follow the link to find a Dr. in your area to receive a free skin cancer screening,

We can make sure that not only ourselves, but the people we care about are skin cancer free.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

urban sprawl in who ville

I spent yesterday doing some cleaning. I decided to do some laundry and began by stripping the bed, it had been a week since changing and so I washed bedding. Before remaking the bed I thought, hey, flip the mattress and box spring to access cleaning the floor easier.
HOLY WHO VILLE BATMAN, urban growth and sprawl had hit Who ville, It had become MUCH larger than a microcosm. I guess its been awhile because dust bunnies does not even begin to describe the dust carpet I found (there will be NO pictures).
Undisturbed the allergen blanket was not much of a problem, disturbed, I was in trouble. I am feeling better today, but I can't get the screams of the who's, resounding over the whir of the vacuum cleaner out of my head.
I need to find a decent mask that does not allow dust in the sides of it, nothing I buy seems to fit well enough to not allow air seepage through the sides, even the heppa ones, maybe just need to walk around like a space alien in a respirator.
Too bad I don't have a neighborhood kid I can hire for those dust jobs.