Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Progress in my summer of 2012

I have been working on breaking out of a self imposed shell in life; I was locking into a complacent walled in court, keeping myself safe from the pains that irrational family can bring surrounded by safer family members and friends. I needed to breach out and live a lte more, my friend are wonderful but unwittingly enabling me to keep my head firmly placed in the sand so to speak. This break out began with the feeling of smothering within the confines of my friends and feeling quite overwhelmed, I needed to step back , or outside of the wall, but unsure of the footing or turn I just plunged out, I think that surfing the course of doing this I offended some, but as I did not mean to do so, hopped that because of thief caliber and or strength of relationship they would find some sympathy and understanding. I have become more of a part of the Minnesota Knitters Guild, my first time mailing out the "Cable grams" comes this week. I volunteered for yarn over for a couple of hours, that was fun, and I was able to get out before my sensitivity to the environment made me I'll. My niece Tia graduated in spite of a trying year, and I am attempting to be adventurous as I am able, with things and activities that are manageable. I certainly don't always get it right, I have had more reactions and migraines this Year, but I do try to buck up as they say and move forward. I am still working on the master knitters program, but in the process discovered that more company does not always help the depressive episodes and pulled back from that group, still considering how that could be reworked. I have completed several knitted items, I do need to work on getting pictures. I am reading more again, rediscovering this activity, much like an old friend, I am slowly working through my Jane Austen collection and a book mentioned in Northanger Abbey called "Udolpho" and other mysteries by Ann Radcliffe. These are not fast reads but I am reading. I also checked out a book called "Scuse me while I kill this guy" a rather humorous short book in a series by Leslie Langtry, the books Very humorously tell the story of a family of hit men or people if you prefer going back to Roman times. Happy stitching trails to all, I'm venturing out to see about joining in some knitting