Wednesday, March 31, 2010

seeing lookalikes

When I was in my late teens and walking all over town, I would sometimes see someone who would begin calling me by the wrong name until they got close enough to see I was not who they thought. We have all seen someone who looks like someone else we know, sometimes the resemblance is uncanny and/or eerie. Today I had one of those experiences, I saw a man, who not only resembled my father in looks, bit stature as well, he was wearing clothes like dad did with those brown eyes. My nephew agreed he said he almost called him grandpa, the problem is I think we made the poor man uncomfortable because of how we were looking at him.We spent most of the day at the dog park, the morning wa quiet, but the afternoon was full of people and dogs my nephews and the dogs loved it, Bella was not as out going as usual, a bit intimidated by all the really big dogs.
It got a bit warm in the sun this afternoon, so of course the dogs had to get their clothes off, it is very odd to see them naked, I think they were a bit taken aback by being without clothes in public, but when the pack started to run Sadie was in heaven and happy as could be. Ah, to be free, running with the pack, ears flapping in the wind as you run, I think she was smiling.
I finished my red cable sweater and I am working on a mohair cardigan, it is top down and I am past the sleeves, working down the sides.
It was a good day and we will be out and about tomorrow having fun.

Happy stitches to all.