Monday, March 24, 2008

No swatch Police

I wrote in an earlier posting about swatches; Those pieces of fabric you knit up to make sure you are knitting at the right gauge, so that your finished object turn out right.
I had not been taught the method the Yarn Harlot spoke of; knitting, then washing and measuring after the piece dries (aka making coasters).
Silly me, had I just been keeping up with my Knitting Daily online magazine, I would have read all about the the importance of this method, and that knowing how getting a piece wet may affect it, can be helpful.
It was also stated that there are no yarn police. I would dare to say that would be where risk and taking responsibility for your possible outcome gone awry would come in. Like the red, New York eating sweater Holly Golightly knits, in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Purchasing ample yarn for your project at the start, taking into consideration, swatches is the ticket. Get extra and know if you can exchange or return what you might have left over.

The weather is a bit warmer, and the snow is melting. Perhaps winter will give up its struggle and I can come out of hibernation and my shell. Yeah, I don't hibernate or live in a shell, maybe.....