Saturday, December 5, 2009

Feeling cold, punky and need motivation

It is winter, I have sweaters to finish and wear THIS YEAR. I am and have been feeling a bit punky (Possibly on the edge of a cold) for the last week and have no motivation; horribly I did not knit one stitch yesterday.
Today I am like the little ant who did not gather up enough sunshine before winter and had to rely on the lazy grasshopper, unfortunately I do not know a lazy grasshopper and need to look elsewhere for the sun and motivation I need.
The weather man did say there may be sun this weekend; I fully intend to take advantage of that when I find it.
For now I seek encouraging words, or perhaps just a "get over it and knit"!
Sinus medication, coffee, protein, now go knit, right.

Go me! Get those stitches going. (lame rot, attempt at a cheer, I was not a cheer leader).

Happy Stitches

Monday, November 30, 2009

Blank check for the president of afghanistan era is OVER!

On November 1st I wrote a commentary on fact checking, writing, talking and meeting with your elected representatives as well as how the President of Afghanistan is on the CIA payroll.
I did write to Amy Klobuchar, I have not yet heard back, however, breaking news on the stations is that the blank check to the Afghan President is done. 
I am elated, I hope that everyone that read this had written to their people and let them know how they felt about this.

Yes, he plans to ramp up temporary troops in Afghanistan, and plan to get them all out. The President is focused on a long term strategy and and solid benchmarks to reach this goal.

This is a refreshing intelligent and focused man, and I really have to say I am grateful after the last 8 years (this is my opinion and everyone is entitled to have thier opinion).

I say Kudos to stopping the Blank check! There is no solid proof that it EVER did us any good!

On the lighter side I am finishing a knitted hat and working on my many other projects.  

Happy Stitches to all