Thursday, June 12, 2008

junk email, handwarmers and socks and more

So I wonder, does anyone think that forward emails require a response? Do they constitute real communication? I have often wondered if people really think that way.

I do not much care for forwarded emails, and know may people who feel the same, I for the most part just delete them. I have never understood why, if you really care for someone you would send them an email, full of love and blessings, which then tells you that if you do not r=forward it, all sorts of awful things can and will happen. Hello, talk about passive aggressive. I would rather delete and have the bad luck/karma end with me than to send it on to someone I care about. I’m just saying, do people really understand what they are sending?

I do not count forward emails as legitimate communication, write something simple, what is wrong with Hi, how are you? If you are thinking of me and really care, then write something, otherwise I see it as you are just using me as someone to dump you forward junk mail on.

Okay, enough of that, I am finishing up a pair of hand warmers, which is a co-operative design created with two other people. Tamara of added a bracelet piece and will be selling it on her web site and patterns will be available at The Yarn Garage in Rosemount, MN.

I have decided to design a sock, for the Think Outside the Sox Contest, I am very excited, I am working down the leg of the first sock and I just love them! I of course am prejudice on that point.