Saturday, February 4, 2012

An update in the life

I was able to pass on some of my dads wisdom today and it felt really good when I was thanked for it; in return, thank you dad. Dad always inspired me in life and he continues to do so after pasing.

I have been working on several projects and am at a point at which, I have to decide to get queued projects in process finished or do something different. The hard thing is when gifts get added and although I try to keep them simple, my newest one is going to take some effort. it's a wrap that will be 31" x 74", using a DK weight yarn. Better bust a move!

I completed a fair isle hat called Sheep Heid in a knit-a-long with Linden Hills Yarns. I believe the knit-a-long goes through the end of March, so plenty of time for anyone wishing to join in to get a kit. I get sucked into the "kool-aid" there easily at times. If nothing else I have a great gift finished.

As for gifts, I am going to keep them simple and have a couple of Quick No-Purl Keyhole Scarves made. I found this fast and simple little scarf by: Saralyn on Ravelry; it takes an hour or two to make and hey, quick gift.

The above was the key hole scarf in progress.
I knit and grafted a couple of cowls, they are so fast and easy to make and I have become good at working the ribbed Kitchener graft. So what used to take me three or four hours, now happens in about an hour or so, but definitely under two.

My niece TLM is having a baby at the end of March and the new project I picked up this week is for her. I am making a wrap using WOOL BAM BOO from Classic Elite. This is a dk yarn that is supposed to get 5.5 sts to the inch and I'm right on for gauge, so going to cast on tonight.
This is part of my gauge.
I think the pattern will be very lovely.

Time to cast on to Lost in Space and Star Trek reruns.

Happy Stitching Trails To all