Friday, July 8, 2011

Work stoppage

I have been installing printers with a team of techs downtown. It has been slow, the printers had not been coming in on time and there was no solid plan to speak of and we are not getting a new shipment of printers for over a week. We are off work without pay until then, I can get a few things done around the house, but even though they say they want us back, people could get cut in the mean time. I will remain hopeful that I will not be one of those who are let go before we get back to work.

 I am working on the bolero for Brianna, I have completed all but the last sleeve and there is putting it together. I am very happy with this project as it is going quickly and is helped by having the loan of a pair of size 17 circulars; now I do not have the long klutzy needles to work with. I am very thankful that Ruth cam e to knitting Wednesday night and had the needles with her when I asked if any one had such a needle to borrow. 

The little green cabled pull over for Connor is still coming along, I continue to work up the front, getting close to decreasing for the sleeves now, so it will not be long until I am able to sew that together and be finished. At the same time I continue to add a few rows to the front piece of my lace blouse, where I am near to decreasing for the sleeves there as well. 

I am making small bits of progress on a hose project, moving things around. I am trying to make some progress on that in the next two days. 

As always there is knitting afoot and I am feeling a trip to Linden Hills tomorrow.

Happy Stitching trails to everyone.



Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday weekend and yarn road trip

Yeah for a long Holiday weekend! So far the weekend has been lots of fun. I started Christmas gifts, beginning with a Green cable sweater for Connor. I have both sleeves and back finished and I am working on the front, figuring I would finish soon, I picked out my next few present projects. I like hanging out at Linden Hills, I just have to watch out so I don't start drinking too much kool-aid and get pulled into group projects or get too much help from my yarney co-dependents. It's all good advice, but you can head down a spending path fast. They not only helped me pick out yarn, but the button to go with the project as well. I picked up yarn for a couple ornament presents and a pair of felted slippers for one of my sisters.

Saturday Sara Jane helped me find a lovely Bolero designed by Kim Hargreaves, which uses Rowan big wool, I started that to see how far I could get on it this weekend. I have the back and left front complete, I began the right front today. This is a lovely quick project and I decided to make two; the first is for my niece Brianna and the second will be for my niece Tia (they don't read my blog), I made that decision On the Sunday road trip. 

Sunday Kathy and I went on a yarn shop road trip, the original goal was to Lindstrom and expanded from there. We left form Kathy's about mid morning and headed up 35 North, can I just say long crazy drive for those who commute to work downtown! 
As you can see the water tower is shaped like a coffee pot and what you cannot see is that it offers words of welcome on the side.We arrived in Lindstrom before the shop we were seeking opened, so we went next door to a Minnesota ethnic restaurant called "Swedish Inn". This place was hopping and had a breakfast buffet which we partook in. The buffet had many options and came with a choice of pancake, french toast and crepes off the grill. topped off with coffee it was a great brunch and the wait staff was very friendly; I recommend this restaurant, besides the buffet and some average menu choices, they offered some traditional Swedish fare as well.

The yarn shop in Lindstrom is called Miss Elsie's Yarnery. It carries yarn and gifts, it has gaming and books in the back. We did not ask, but I do believe Miss Elsie herself was working. There are a couple of larger seating areas, one is a table with chairs and the other is a seating area with two couches and about four nice chairs. This was where I decided to make a second bolero for Tia's Christmas gift. I walked in and saw Cascade yarns version of big wool for half the price of the Rowan brand and made the Christmas budget easier, the bonus was I found Tia's color! 

The color made the decision. I think it will be really pretty, I just need to find the right button for this one.

After the yarn shop we walked down the street to the antique shop which had a lot to offer, many lovely things to see and buy. This is where I found a treasure! a child sized sock blocker, I was so surprised and happy, I picked it up as soon as I saw it.

It looks aged, I don't know ans don't care how old it is. Mine, mine, mine.

After Lindstrom we went to Forrest Lake to Shelley's Yarns and Fiber Shoppe. A small shop, but has a bit to offer. The owner hand dyes a line of yarn named after songs. I picked up a slipper pattern and a couple of skeins of brown sheep yarn.

We thought next time we should make a road trip with a group and go on to Cottage Grove where there is a yarn shop and quilt shop then come back and go through Stillwater to Darn knit anyway to get home. 

A great day and a lot of fun! 

Happy Stitching trails to all,