Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brain numb

I have been back in class, this one is A+ Certification. Great class, love it; makes my brain hurt and go numb. Those trade off's in life again I guess.
I have finished a second pair of felted flip flops for my cousin Stazia, she just loved them to no end. Still working on the cotton bamboo tee and started my friend Lisa'a socks from the book we are both in called "Think Outside the Socks". We are both far too excited about seing ourselves in print. We were both sent two free books when our sock were returned and I purchased an extra copy as I had designated one for Jenny who gave me the confidence to create the sock and wanted my sister Heidi, who is a new knitter to have one as well.
Heidi has been knitting for about a year, she tries to fit it in to her busy life and recently talked about knitting socks. I am excited about this, but I think my fair Isle sock will not be on her list of to do's any time soon, Lisa's could be, but I think plain may be best with all the chaos in her life, job, DH, all those kids (I swear there are a million.)
I have a lovely purplish sock yarn from Knitosophy and the socks are looking very lovely. Great pattern Lisa!
I finished my class internet project early and thought I would take the time to make a quick Blog entry before lunch. Thank you for joining me.

Happy Stitches to you!