Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good news

We had a stormy weekend, and it has been over cast, partly cloudy and rainy ever since. Not a complaint, although a ray of sun shine would be nice. I have good news, the results of my CT scan I had on my lungs Monday is stable, so if I have a stable scan this coming November, I can stop having them again. I have spots on my lungs that are said to be non cancerous nodules, but if any changes are detected along the way I have to have CT scans every six months for two years to make sure everything is okay.

Ted Kennedy seems to be carrying on well, Lots of good thought for both he and his family, He had really been a champion for health care.

I have been queuing a a few things on ravelry, and working on hand warmers and my campanula socks. I think the next pair of campanulas I make will be on size one needles, I like my socks more fitted. I know I have said it before, but I love this pattern. I look forward to wearing them later this year.

I am knitting a series of hand warmers that are a collaborative effort of fellow knitters Sara D., Tamara D. of http://www.clickitysticks.com and myself. the hand warmers are decorative and lovely. I am experimenting with positive and negative ease with them, since I have chubby wrists, I want to see what will work best for me. I have listed the hand warmers on my notebooks project page in my Ravelry notebook, right now there are just pictures of the yarn I am using; jitterbug sock yarn by Colinette and Karabella lace. Pictures of yarn Below.

Linden Hills Yarn shop in Minneapolis's Linden hills area is a welcoming environment, I have been stopping now and then for a quick fix for my yarn and knitting needs, as well as following related threads on Ravelry. knitters are welcome to go and sit with their knitting and enjoy conversation.

Happy knitting/crocheting to all and to all a good stitch.