Friday, March 19, 2010

Me and My shadows

As I move through the house doing different things, I have little shadows following me around, looking at me funny at times. Sadie and Abella keep me company in all things about the house. I am not sure what they would say if they had their own blogs but, I some times wonder and funny little things run trough my head.

I have not made a bunch of little knitted things for Abella, I will make her some things though. She seems to fit into a few of Sadie's original things with the help of the harness to pull it in a bit. We had a vet visit the other day, as I was brushing the dogs out, I found that Sadie's' ear was bleeding. at first I thought it was an ear infection. I carefully cleaned her ear out and called the vet's office. It was not an ear infection, the inside of her little ear was scratched up, perhaps from Abella our little land  piranha, who seems to make Sadie her favorite chew toy. Behavior modification plan being implemented.

The first red cable sleeve is now complete and I am working up the second one, which is being waylaid for my attempt at making felted flip flops. Felting and I have not done so well together, but I will be diligent and stand over my washer, shaping as it shrinks. I think I can do these in a week so, here I go courage of faith in hand to deliver me to the promised land of fabulously felted things.

I was given a directive to have the Red sweater finished by this coming Wednesday, maybe I can work a miracle and do both, ha, miracles are us is closed this week so I guess I am on my own.

So I stitch on in bliss to whatever the week has to offer.

Happy Stitches!

Sixteen Women With Pointed Sticks, No Injuries

Our Nokomis knitting group went on our first knitting retreat adeptly planned by Lisa. Kathy Heidi and I rode up together (thank you Kathy for driving), we stopped a Grubbers Quilt shop, which sells yarn and quilting supplies, this is where I found the lovely pattern for the French Felted Slippers, we stopped at Bonnie's Spinning wheel, lots of delicious yarn to touch and buy there as well. Unfortunately I did not turn out to be an adept navigator, we did reach our destinations and found our lovely accommodations at the Bug Bee Hive Resort in Paynesville.
Our names were on our doors and after a quick unloading of the car, we quickly set about knitting. I was able to complete the lovely Birch shawl, which I knit up using the Kidsilk Aura yarn I won at the Textile Center Rowan event and was able to complete a pair of toddler socks I also had in progress. Heidi completed a hat. On Saturday a spontaneous knit a long of the February Ladies sweater, I did not join in on those festivities, I went back to working on my red cable sweater sleeves. 
Kathy worked on and finished a pair of socks, there were many other projects in progress. Heidi graduated in to the knitting world, as Christina and Jenny leaped in to action to rescue her from a skein of Red heart yarn, that I had been letting her practice stitches on; it was explained that "Friends don't let friends knit with Red heart" and quickly replaced her practice skein with non acrylic yarn for practicing. Heidi was told that she had accomplished a hat and had graduated, making it necessary to only use non acrylic yarns, and Heidi was also given a certificate to prove this.
Meals were well organized and we all ate well with plenty of time to knit and visit. A few people enjoyed walking and using the pool at the lodge. 
It sounds as though this will be a repeat trip next year as everyone enjoyed themselves very much, the time moved quickly and as all good things do, the weekend ended and most if not all of us felt like it ended much too soon.
As usual I am sadly behind in pictures and will have to post some later, unfortunately I did not get any of the retreat.
We did go into New London on Saturday to visit the many little shops, which of course included a yarn shop, where I found a felted flip flop pattern, Yeah! Something for my niece who likes to live wearing flip flops.

Happy Stitches