Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here's to progress

So with my class finished, tests taken and passed, I am waiting for my proof in the mail while interning for experience that will lend me a good reference. here's to looking for employment in a bad economy.

More political garbage on the tele, on the bright side the Dems are running better campaigns, saying what they have done and what they want to do. 
I found an interesting article on the debates regarding the Bush tax cuts and the tax raises that Obama wants. 

This gives better insight into how we will be loosing rich people in the future,"poor babies"! and then there is the ridiculous garbage about bankrupting America. People really do forget where all this started and they need to give the changes that are being made a chance, "Rome was not built in a day." and  recovery will not come any faster. Notice how all the whining is coming from the rich and all the poor saps they have brainwashed?  I have. 
 Why are people condemning infrastructure bills? We did not have the money Bush spent, nor the money any one wants to spend in the future, the difference is that, the country is now swinging the pendulum back to take care of the mid to lower classes and and the those above those brackets are screaming like the spoiled children they are, not wanting to play play well and share with others because among other things they have an overwhelming case of toy and money envy. Life may not be fair, but my opinion is that politicians jobs are to make things right and fair for all! They need to STOP being part of the problem and get in gear being the solution and cure. 

Remember the 35 W bridge collapse, one of the consequences (YES, there were design flaws) of not committing to the maintenance of Americas infrastructure. Our state legislature, our Governor, would not appropriate monies to rebuild that bridge, the reports did suggest doing so. The trickle down economic fallout of the Aristocratic greed in this country and state has lead to more issues in the cities and counties who have had to cut back and not spend as much on infrastructure as well. 
Yesterday, the next block down from us was closed off after lunch, the trucks rolled in, the street was torn up and crews from two cities including the gas company worked through the night. The gas company has been rerunning lines, however this issue did not start with the gas company, it started with the water and sewage department, clay lines that have been in place since the forties are bio degrading, underground erosion and a sink hole evolved after some digging to find the source of the initial problem. 
What happened to the sense of pride in this country, doing things right and fixing pro-actively before you have problems and more expensive damage, our grandfathers are spinning in their graves!

Memorial weekend, specifically the sixth of September is when my father passed away, he was a good man with an old soul, he had a great sense of humor and always made sure we knew we were loved. Those who we are blessed with knowing in this life and pass on leave us with precious memories, they are part of who we are and a treasure in and of our hearts.

I am progressing with knitting projects, getting into the swing of things with my Christmas gifts, plus a birthday gift. Here are some FO's a hat for a birthday and headband and hand-warmers for Christmas. 

 Happy Stitching Trails to everyone.