Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Progress in my summer of 2012

I have been working on breaking out of a self imposed shell in life; I was locking into a complacent walled in court, keeping myself safe from the pains that irrational family can bring surrounded by safer family members and friends. I needed to breach out and live a lte more, my friend are wonderful but unwittingly enabling me to keep my head firmly placed in the sand so to speak. This break out began with the feeling of smothering within the confines of my friends and feeling quite overwhelmed, I needed to step back , or outside of the wall, but unsure of the footing or turn I just plunged out, I think that surfing the course of doing this I offended some, but as I did not mean to do so, hopped that because of thief caliber and or strength of relationship they would find some sympathy and understanding. I have become more of a part of the Minnesota Knitters Guild, my first time mailing out the "Cable grams" comes this week. I volunteered for yarn over for a couple of hours, that was fun, and I was able to get out before my sensitivity to the environment made me I'll. My niece Tia graduated in spite of a trying year, and I am attempting to be adventurous as I am able, with things and activities that are manageable. I certainly don't always get it right, I have had more reactions and migraines this Year, but I do try to buck up as they say and move forward. I am still working on the master knitters program, but in the process discovered that more company does not always help the depressive episodes and pulled back from that group, still considering how that could be reworked. I have completed several knitted items, I do need to work on getting pictures. I am reading more again, rediscovering this activity, much like an old friend, I am slowly working through my Jane Austen collection and a book mentioned in Northanger Abbey called "Udolpho" and other mysteries by Ann Radcliffe. These are not fast reads but I am reading. I also checked out a book called "Scuse me while I kill this guy" a rather humorous short book in a series by Leslie Langtry, the books Very humorously tell the story of a family of hit men or people if you prefer going back to Roman times. Happy stitching trails to all, I'm venturing out to see about joining in some knitting

Sunday, April 22, 2012

3rd Annual Knitting Retreat

Nokomis knitters just returned from their 3rd annual knitting retreat at Bug Bee hive resort in Paynesville Minnesota. Before we left we picked up my Facebook friend, Fudwick Pilwinkle the garden gnome so he could participate on the knitting retreat. Apparently like all or most garden gnomes, Fudwick like to travel. He did put on his speedo to go to the pool and hot tub, but it was too cold. We coordinate meals and clean up, and we have someone that brings her espresso machine and makes wonderful Lattes.

 Fudwick at the bug-Bee sign
 Fudwick by our door at Colony A.
 Heidi contemplating Fudwick and his new found friends.
 Fudwick met friends at the cabin, they are Desuma (with the pink hair) and Tip (sitting and bald).
 Fudwick and Desuma
Some of our knitting friends, knitting of course.

We went to yarn shops on the way up and while we were there. There is Silver Creek Cabin in Buffalo, Gruber's and Bonnie's Spinning wheel in Saint Cloud, in New London there is Uniquely Knit and The Flying Goose.

Heidi and Tia knitting

Some projects were finished, some were started, some were frogged. I finished the back of my sweater in progress, did some frogging on a sleeve and a slipper I started while there. I began a pair of Fast and Furious Fingerless Mitts while I was there.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Smart phone?

One of the reasons I went to a smart phone was to make blogging on the go easier, I have to say it has taken me far too long in finding the blogger app. Before this I did manage to get one post out via phone and now I can happily say that I have another one out. This being said, I now hope to post more often.
I haave been working out a rough patch with myself and. At present I am climbing back up hill. I am one of the secretaries of the Minnesota Knitters Guild, I am looking forward to this new opportunity to add some of the needed change to my life. Unlike most people I am agreeable with change, I facilitate it, lifes inertia pushes me in to it when I begin to feel as though I am suffocating in a vacuume (dang! I knew how to spell that word once).
I finished the wrap I was working on for my niece along with a couple pairs of baby socks and now I am working on a summer sweater, because it was calling to me incredibly loudly. I have not forgotten about the bazillion winter sweaters I have in progress, nor am I any longer delusioned that they may not know I am cheating on them with this lovely linnen sommer sweater.
I am bringing my new sweater that I am making, the Pemberly slipper project as well as a sock project on the retreat. I am getting things together to bring on the retreat and I should be at least half packed for it by weeks end, although it is two weeks away.
My niece had her baby boy last Friday, Korey Floyd was born at 12:40pm, seven pounds and looks like his momma, according to Gramma. I am going down for a visit before the retreat to meet little Korey Floyd and hug his momma.
I tried out a new egg bake recipie for the retreat and have been eating a lot of egg bake since, I could be burning out on it before the retreat, so, making egg bake and oatmeal for beakfast on my day to cook.

Keep your sticks clicking and happy stitching trails

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cabled Waves of Love Wrap

I decided to make a wrap for my niece to use while nursing her baby, Who is due to arrive at the end of March. I had a few synaptic hiccups in getting this started, for example; I started out getting advice from a couple of knitters at the table who have children, even went through the motion of looking at yarn with one of them and almost had something picked out when I had a "look, shiny" moment. Needless to say, reviewing the yarn after purchase and starting, although it is lovely, soft and beautiful, I bought the hand wash yarn, a lovely WOOL BAM BOO by Classic Elite, but not super wash.
Ok, I think she may be able to deal with this.
Next, when I was buying the yarn, I remembered that all my #6 needles were engaged in other projects, so I picked up an inexpensive circular to get me through the project. THAT WAS A MISTAKE! I have now discovered I'm a needle snob. I could not for the life of me deal with that needle. It did not feel right, the cable was stiff, I was so frustrated, so I thought I would try to fix the problem. I took the needle back to the yarn shop and begged for pity on a silly fool who bought the wrong needle, proceeded with the story of how awful it was using the needle, like going from driving a Cadillac to driving a beater; I needed an Addi needle. Fortunately, being a frequent flyer and loiterer at the shop, the owner laughed at me, said she wished she had recorded me as a testimonial to Addi Turbo needles and told me to change them out, I thanked her, paid the difference and now my project is happier, as am I. The wrap is for the baby shower at the end of February, so I have to knit like the wind.
The pattern is an eight row repeat with two cable pattern rows in it, I am hoping to have the pattern in my head soon. I wrote up a pattern for it after making a gauge swatch and deciding it would look very pretty. It will be about 31" x 74" after blocking. Right now I have about two inches in length and I am pleased with how it is looking.
Although this stitching trail had a bumpy start, but it's moving toward a happier ending.

Happy Stitching Trails to all,

Stitching hermit

Saturday, February 4, 2012

An update in the life

I was able to pass on some of my dads wisdom today and it felt really good when I was thanked for it; in return, thank you dad. Dad always inspired me in life and he continues to do so after pasing.

I have been working on several projects and am at a point at which, I have to decide to get queued projects in process finished or do something different. The hard thing is when gifts get added and although I try to keep them simple, my newest one is going to take some effort. it's a wrap that will be 31" x 74", using a DK weight yarn. Better bust a move!

I completed a fair isle hat called Sheep Heid in a knit-a-long with Linden Hills Yarns. I believe the knit-a-long goes through the end of March, so plenty of time for anyone wishing to join in to get a kit. I get sucked into the "kool-aid" there easily at times. If nothing else I have a great gift finished.

As for gifts, I am going to keep them simple and have a couple of Quick No-Purl Keyhole Scarves made. I found this fast and simple little scarf by: Saralyn on Ravelry; it takes an hour or two to make and hey, quick gift.

The above was the key hole scarf in progress.
I knit and grafted a couple of cowls, they are so fast and easy to make and I have become good at working the ribbed Kitchener graft. So what used to take me three or four hours, now happens in about an hour or so, but definitely under two.

My niece TLM is having a baby at the end of March and the new project I picked up this week is for her. I am making a wrap using WOOL BAM BOO from Classic Elite. This is a dk yarn that is supposed to get 5.5 sts to the inch and I'm right on for gauge, so going to cast on tonight.
This is part of my gauge.
I think the pattern will be very lovely.

Time to cast on to Lost in Space and Star Trek reruns.

Happy Stitching Trails To all

Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 2012 Update

I had an eventful Holiday, but without details I can say I did enjoy myself, I spent my gift certificate from Heidi for Mary Lue and Ewe at the annual New Years Day sale. I always like going, it's free yarn mostly. I have a gift certificate, you pop a balloon to find out the percentage discount on your sale and they are always so friendly as well as helpful.
I met my niece T's new fiance, nice kid, cute. He stepped up at a very difficult time in her life, I like him a lot. Tazsmonn and I are trying to help him get a better job, T is looking at colleges and I hope they will both be able to seek higher education in time.
I finished knitting several Christmas stockings for Heidi's family, knitted several Christmas gifts, one gift was knitted by my friend J. I am starting to feel like I'm coming down from the Holiday rush, the girls (Sadie and Abella) are happy to be home as well.Tazsmonn dislikes travel, we were very glad to get back to him!
I have a large queue of projects to get to as well as to finish the Master hand knitters program level one. I have two Isager sweaters in progress as well as a few others. I would like to get a couple of things out of my queue by the retreat in April, one of which I just need to graft at this point. I am resolving for two things out of queue by April, and to finish at least one old project quarterly after that, but hope to do more. Starting with my present queue, I am looking at finishing the grafting project this week as well as a pair of hand warmers. then a sweater by April. I guess that is three projects, but I can do it.
Tehre are three sweaters in progress I want to finish this year. My lace sweater that I was working on for the challenge, and then both my Isager sweaters; the fan and the zig zag.
Yeah! Go me!
Anything besides that within the deadline is bonus!

Happy stitching trails!
Stitching Hermit