Monday, February 22, 2010

Run down

So here I am, sitting with little pup crawling up my shoulder, using one of my sisters computers because my notebook is in the shop (Microsoft failure), writing a brief update.
Jenny and I went on an adventure a couple of weekends ago, we drove to Owatonna to the Doll house, pictures were taken, yarn was touched and more will be written later, about this and Smitten with Knitting.

I have been in Mankato for about a week and will return to the cities some time tomorrow, Bella has a vet appointment. I am not sure I will be going to any knitting or crochet groups when I get back, as the people around me have been getting sick. So far I am ok but feel a bit stuffy today.

It is a lay low day today and we will watch movies; we begin with Angels and Demons.

Making progress on eh Red cable and Narvik, one sleeve on the way to being finished.

Will up date soon.

Happy Stitches