Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am on the second pink ribbon sock, working down the leg, I had to frog back to the cuff last night, made too many mistakes while talking at knit night. But I am on my way now.

This is my first pink ribbon sock, it went so quick and looks so lovely.

I had a crisis of faith before the Olympics started and pulled out of Teammn and the wipswrestling, I did finish one of those projects anyway.

My new goal with knitting is to finish my pink ribbon socks by Saturday and then finish my last secret sock by the end of the Olympics, hopefully even cast on a slipper.

Last night we had quite a showing at knit night, I was so happy to see someone I had become worried about, had not seen or heard from her in a while. She made the cutest little hat for our expectant mommy, in Italian flag colors which is where our EM is from.

My sock will not finish it's self (it would if I were Mrs. Weasley), I am not magical. They are swimming at the Olympics and I am knitting my little heart out.

I will write more later, perhaps when my second sock is complete.

Happy stitches.