Friday, February 27, 2009

Challenge update and sox

Okay, so here it is almost March and my sweater has a neck steek and neck decreases. Weigh-ins need to be done by March 7th at the latest, the weight will determine the chances of winning. I still don't know if I will weigh-in, but I am excited about my progress; soon I will be placing back neck stitches on holders and adding a back neck steek. Yeah me!

Next bit of great news is.................drum roll please...................................dadadaada.....

the wining socks for think outside the sox will be chosen this coming Saturday, at stitches west in California. I hope the link works, you can go look at the amazing entries.

My socks are (shameless self-promotion) number 103. At this point I am not getting a lot of votes, but I am hopeful. I have a friend in the contest as well, her number is 237.

I am so excited about the sox contest, and I look forward to the results.

Happy stitches

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weigh-ins start today

Weigh-ins start today at Linden Hills for the Fair Isle Challenge. I am about 10 rounds from the neck steeks on my sweater and I would normally go to Linden Hills on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning, so I will not be weighing in today and Put a few more rounds on my sweater.
This challenge for me has been more about making this gorgeous sweater for me, than it is about entering to win. I rarely win, I could be one of two names in a drawing and not win. No, no feeling sorry, just knowing reality.
thoughts of not entering the drawing to win have gone through my head, those thoughts are being replaced by push to get to the sleeves. I know I am a good knitter and not really slow, but I am having an insurgence of the green envy monster when I see others who knit much faster.

I keep thinking of all the sweaters I have on needles and waiting to be on needles, some are for summer. I hope the creation of this lovely sweater gives me the compulsion to push forward with those sweaters and finish them.

One of my sweaters on needles is my version of something I saw and I am looking forward to making progress on that sweater as well.

I have some dog designs to put to needles and create, I am not sure if one of them will end up on a crochet hook or not, but the idea is pretty well formed, its just down to needles or hook.

I am so fortunate to have people in my life that are encouraging my creativity and and give me valuable help with my ideas, I encourage them as well, they are very talented individuals and I do believe that we enjoy creating together.

Need to stitch and make more progress on my sweater, want to get to the neck.

Happy Stitches