Monday, July 12, 2010

Seriously, are people this blind!!!


So today a friend forwarded a link to me, from the Star Trib. It said that Michelle Bachmann was quoted by the Colorado Independent as saying our country was becoming a Nation of slaves. Here is the link.

I am disgusted at the thought that the people in our Nation are so freakishly blind to the reality in the Republican party. This agenda of everything we were doing, we are going to say you are doing. Do people really not pay attention??

So, I go to The Colorado Independent and find the story. Yup, the link is below.

Does the hair stand on the nape of anyone else's neck, like it does mine? Does this ring to anyone else of the mass public brainwashing that took place in Nazi Germany? What are we? A nation of ostriches with our heads in the sand?

If you think I am overreacting, or not telling the truth, you have not been paying attention, its all in the archives and in Black and white to read by VERY reliable sources. The Bush administration was making moves to take away our civil liberties until the Civil Liberties Union among others put the kibosh on it. Stopping a fascist movement in its tracks, or at least slowing it down. Thank God not everyone is blind.

So then I decided to check another source to see what they were saying. Here is the news article:

Then I found this little gem there as well.

Michele stars in a church sponsored film about "Socialism, A clear and present danger"What socialism! We are just trying to get back to center from the Republican agenda of fascism?

I am so glad that Michelle Backmann is so religious, I mean good for her, we all have our beliefs, but, history tells us that organized religions have always been at the cornerstone, head and forefront of wars and persecution since the dawn of mankind its self. The undercurrent of religion in politics in this country, is unconstitutional, that is why it is an undercurrent so that the majority of the people don't notice. 

And then there are more of the Republican scare tactics, could we have the full story please!

Imagine if you will, if all the representatives of our nations people were to bring their religious views in the door to work. Who knows, perhaps that is why we have more conflict than ever before in our government, elected officials used to be at least social after work and now they barely talk afterward.
If you do a Google search "Michele Bachmann" you will find a youtube video of her interview with Chris Matthews, I have linked them.

I think Vanden Heuvel says it best in the following videos.

Being Liberal does not make me anti-American, or politically left-wing.Michele Bachmann needs to really hear what she is saying, and stop acting like McCarthy.

The lighter side of life, perhaps. 
 I continue to struggle with test anxiety, but, the present chapter is on printers and I seem to have a niche here. Yeah me!

Not a lot of knitting, working on a plain pair of socks, pretty mindless, but nice.

Have happy stitches on your knitting trail.