Thursday, August 28, 2008

Serious stuff

Serious Stuff

One of my brother in laws went into the hospital this week, he was having breathing difficulties, he found out he has a slight case of pneumonia and emphysema, not good. There are more test results to come, still waiting to hear if it is cancer. I always get a sick feeling in my stomach when I hear that someone is ill, it is no fun to be in the hospital or sick, least of all have something bad that will not go away.

To top that off, his job moved out of state and there is very little in the way of health insurance. I am praying for them, praying that there is no cancer and sending what I can spare for money, which is not much.

Smoking is so bad for you, and I am fortunate that I am not addicted to them. I have known people with addictive personalities and it is so hard for them to change things and give them up. I have a friend who is easily addicted to things and on top of that she was on Maripex for a few years for her Parkinson's; that was a recipe for disaster. she used to sneak out to the casino at midnight and would blow whole paychecks, thankfully her Dr. changed her meds, but that was not the only thing she was up to.

I have blessings to count!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I finished during the Olympics and more

The Olympics ended on Sunday, I completed the pink ribbon socks for the Ravelympics and a pair of footie's because I could but, did not go put my name in a second time for the drawing at Linden Hills Yarn. If the weight of the left over yarn and finished socks and footie's is accurate, I will be able to make a second pair of footie's with the Hundertwasser yarn and a smaller pair of pink ribbon socks with the left over Katherine yarn, how fabulous is that?

My poor secret socks did not get finished by Sunday, I found them whimpering for attention. I am giving them some knit time now and they are coming along well, the heel is finished as well as the decreasing for the gusset, I am now working down the foot and hope to be finished this week. The secret socks are happy and giggling with delight at getting some one on one time. I am calling them Azti for short.

Saturday I went on a little excursion with one of my knit night friends. Lisa picked me up and we went to an estate sale, I found a few little knitting goodies, they had two spinning wheels which were sold. Lisa picked up a drop spindle and some fiber, she will be trying to do a bit of hand spinning with it.

Instructions for hand spinning can be found on the Interweave press website here.

We followed the Estate sale up with a visit to The Knitters' Palette in Lakeville, and then The JoAnn's in Lakeville, where I picked up a skein of their Sensations Bellezza Collection Dolcetto Pink. I wanted to play with it to see what I thought of it, it is very soft and works up nice. The yarn is a wool, nylon, and cotton blend, I have yet to wash it, but will do that as soon as I finish the booties I am making with it; the label says to hand wash with similar colors. I am making a pair of cuff down booties and finishing the cuff on the second one. I think they will be nice and warm on little feet and the pair of feet I have in mind will be born in January I believe, to another knitting friend.
If the booties turn out nice (which I think they will) I may make a pair of hand mitts as well. It would make a lovely sweater. I have so many projects I want to do for Christmas.

First things first, secret socks and booties, then slippers, hats and WIPs (works in progress).

A couple of our knit night crew went to Stitches and recently returned, I look forward to seeing what they brought back. Should be interesting.

Back to my needles for now.

Happy Stitches