Friday, July 24, 2009

Bits of life

Life is interesting and continues to create learning, teaching and helping moments.
Here it is, the end of July and I have not finished the number of knitting projects I would have liked to finish. I may have mentioned that, I have several projects started and queued to go.
No progress on my Isager fan sweater, I had knitted too far, had to frog and it has been sleeping in the on the edge of the frog pond by the queue. I have been lacking ambition, but I am plugging away. I found a lovely baby yarn called cocoon baby, and fell in love with the soft green. I am working through a baby sweater for a great nephew (son of a niece), Green and Blue. he sweater back is finished and I am working up both fronts at once, nearly at the armhole mark, I will post pictures after I take some; I am keeping my eyes open for the perfect buttons for my project as it will be a cardigan as you may have guessed.
July 14th through the 18th I took care of my great nephew, A bit of work, but he is a very happy baby who does not cry much, just wakes up between 3:30 and 4:30am. a lot of feeding and care giving, not a lot of knitting.

Of course I have also been working on stash control, I can knit fast, but not fast enough and with the lack of umph, not so much progress, but maintenance required.

The fourth Saturday of each month one of the Nokomis Knitting ladies (Nokomis Knitters meet every Wednesday at Nokomis Coffee), hosts "knitting our World Together". During this time together, there is conversation, sharing of ideas and among the knitting projects are some chemo hats and preemie hats for donation. D.T. Usually brings a couple of neighbor boy who are bout 13 yrs of age, and are cousins from Arkansas, they are well mannered and polite boys who went with us and worked hard last month when we helped with a dog rescue. I was sad to learn that one of the boys families had to move back to Arkansas and the second boys family could have to do the same. Jobs brought them here and lack of such is pushing them back south, we were able to network and find job leads for the remaining father, so I am hopeful that this job lead works out and brings the other family back. I have to say that I am so impressed with the two boys, always polite and respectful all the time to everyone. Not that I don't know other children or young people like these two, but in this day and age it is not common place behavior for teenagers and this tends to renew my hopes and belief in humanity.

I have in the past crossed paths so to speak with others who share my name. coming across the name mix ups at two different clinics and two pharmacies, I was mistaken by name for one of them, by someone at a state representatives office, now the name has come up on Facebook. Interesting how these incidents continue.

Sadie is looking quite lovely, she was at the groom today and she is so cute! She looks so cute with the little bows in her hair, and with her clean sun dress she is adorable. Yes, I know I am goofy about my dog, but she is a great companion.

Today I am cooking up meals for freezing so all I have to do is reheat and that really works great in the summer. I like doing this because it is all from scratch and much more healthy, you do not get all the msg or other additives that manufacturers put in to prepared foods.

Several months ago Linden Hills had a knit along using Opals Hundertwasser line of sock yarn, many things were made during the knit along, such as baby sweaters, bags socks, hand warmers and such.
But I need to finish a small project and went on Ravelry to the Linden Hills forum where I asked for left overs and was offered left overs by a couple of people. Aren't knitting friends great!

Happy Stitches