Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey! and Yarn

I love turkey and stuffing! Of course there was a stuffing taste test, had to make sure it turned out. 
I became one of the many Holiday travelers, driving to Mankato for a perfect day of family and festivities. We went to the store last night to pick up the last of the items we needed to make our feast. stuffing was created while drinking a bit of wine; apparently if you keep topping off the glass before it gets empty, you are still on your first glass. I however cannot drink like that anymore, perhaps age catches up with me.
my sweet doggies are happy, Abella enjoys a good row of teasing the cat, Mr. Custard. With all the children there is much to scavenge under the table and they get lots of cuddles.
I am making homemade mashed potatoes with gravy and it is my first attempt at making candied yams myself; we are having an evening feast, me thinks twas the wine that put us behind. I am not much for candied yams, but last night when we were talking about what we needed to buy at the store, Julies oldest son piped up saying "Oh, you got to get the orange potatoes" so when a cute little five year old is so enthused about sweet potatoes, I can't resist.
Julie is Zack's fiancee, she brought her kids. Julie has recently learned to crochet and was making a blanket. I watched and decided she was driving me CRAZY! she said it was a single crochet and it seemed to be taking forever! As I watched I realized, this is not a single crochet, it's a slip stitch. Ok, things had to change at that point, I taught her the single and double crochet, we frogged the little bit of a blanket she had going and it will now be a double crochet blanket. I had a bit of a skein of (sorry guys, I know friends don't let friends knit with it) purple homespun in my trunk and she is working on a double crochet hat. I may need to find her a good yarn shop near Alexandria, she says there is just Walmart and JoAnns. HA! Bellissima Yarns opens in two days (November 27th) in Alexandria. Can we find yarn or what. She may have a limited income and will need to be frugal, but nothing beats good yarn and I showed her knitpicks as well. One more convert for the dark side.

Ok, low battery and not close enough to a plug, soo.
Happy stitching trails and Turkey day if you partake.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick notes

Last time I tried to blog it was from my smart phone, slight issue doing that and no post was made; that was a while ago. The post seems to be in my list of posts, but unpublished, nothing to post in it.

I have been job hunting, such a task in this economy! I cannot count the number of applications, the "Dear John" emails. I now have begun to glean and go on a few interviews. Interviewing is something I do well, I have been told as much, my set backs are that I am looking for part time and my need for accommodation, which is not always something I speak to, perhaps not saying anything is just as bad.
I was able to go out on a contract job putting in a number of printers throughout a company. This was a large roll out and I would have liked to do more, but the job ended, we were efficient and finished early.
There are calls I am still waiting on from interviews and other leads, but I am still plugging away at this, GO ME!

I am knitting on Christmas gifts and need to push those along a bit more. I have been working on a double knit hat for one of my nephews with his initials in binary code for the pattern, ripped the pattern back three times, my friend Jenny picked up my stitches, I was worried about picking up the dark ones. I now realize that I need to rip it back and restart on smaller needles, I seem to be having trouble keeping the gauge on this project. Oh, the way life goes! There will be frogging, but it cannot sit in the pond at all. This hat and other things need to be finished.

The little canine girls are doing well, Sadie and Abella are adjusting to the cooler weather like the rest of us. I have plans to knit a few things for them this winter, but first things first, Christmas knitting must be finished.

Thanksgiving is this coming week and there is a lot to do before then. Dinner at Heidi's, will be fun, visiting with everyone and messing with the kids, giving them a bit of guff, they give it back just as well.

Happy Stitching Trails to all!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here's to progress

So with my class finished, tests taken and passed, I am waiting for my proof in the mail while interning for experience that will lend me a good reference. here's to looking for employment in a bad economy.

More political garbage on the tele, on the bright side the Dems are running better campaigns, saying what they have done and what they want to do. 
I found an interesting article on the debates regarding the Bush tax cuts and the tax raises that Obama wants. 

This gives better insight into how we will be loosing rich people in the future,"poor babies"! and then there is the ridiculous garbage about bankrupting America. People really do forget where all this started and they need to give the changes that are being made a chance, "Rome was not built in a day." and  recovery will not come any faster. Notice how all the whining is coming from the rich and all the poor saps they have brainwashed?  I have. 
 Why are people condemning infrastructure bills? We did not have the money Bush spent, nor the money any one wants to spend in the future, the difference is that, the country is now swinging the pendulum back to take care of the mid to lower classes and and the those above those brackets are screaming like the spoiled children they are, not wanting to play play well and share with others because among other things they have an overwhelming case of toy and money envy. Life may not be fair, but my opinion is that politicians jobs are to make things right and fair for all! They need to STOP being part of the problem and get in gear being the solution and cure. 

Remember the 35 W bridge collapse, one of the consequences (YES, there were design flaws) of not committing to the maintenance of Americas infrastructure. Our state legislature, our Governor, would not appropriate monies to rebuild that bridge, the reports did suggest doing so. The trickle down economic fallout of the Aristocratic greed in this country and state has lead to more issues in the cities and counties who have had to cut back and not spend as much on infrastructure as well. 
Yesterday, the next block down from us was closed off after lunch, the trucks rolled in, the street was torn up and crews from two cities including the gas company worked through the night. The gas company has been rerunning lines, however this issue did not start with the gas company, it started with the water and sewage department, clay lines that have been in place since the forties are bio degrading, underground erosion and a sink hole evolved after some digging to find the source of the initial problem. 
What happened to the sense of pride in this country, doing things right and fixing pro-actively before you have problems and more expensive damage, our grandfathers are spinning in their graves!

Memorial weekend, specifically the sixth of September is when my father passed away, he was a good man with an old soul, he had a great sense of humor and always made sure we knew we were loved. Those who we are blessed with knowing in this life and pass on leave us with precious memories, they are part of who we are and a treasure in and of our hearts.

I am progressing with knitting projects, getting into the swing of things with my Christmas gifts, plus a birthday gift. Here are some FO's a hat for a birthday and headband and hand-warmers for Christmas. 

 Happy Stitching Trails to everyone.


Friday, September 3, 2010

A September morning

a chilly september morning. tired of political ads that are misleading and candidates that cankt see what is right and wankt to argue that nothing is fair. candidates work for the people and must strive to make things fair. check your religion at the door, not your moral compas, just your religion and they ARE NOT necessarily the same. I profess to be Christian and a student of all religions and I have seen lack of moral humanity for the sake and by the name of organized religion. I have passed my A+ certification, I am looking for an entry level computer tech position, but right now I am going to knit at Lindenhills yarns.   Happy stitches and stitching.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More on the topics of Life

Topics of Life

More recently in life; I have been dumping all extra curricular activities to concentrate on passing my A+ Exams. There is about a month left of class and I have to reach 90% or higher. Where did the time go and why am I still drawing blanks? 
Not much knitting at all going on, I am perhaps managing about 20 to 40 rows a week for stress management. Yesterday I attended knitting our world together, sans dogettes. It was refreshing to sit and relax and knit with friends. Linda was quite excited over and missing her new granddaughter she left behind in Chicago. I helped a friend with her shell top project, a lovely drop stitch shell and then did a quick fix on nylon bag for Linda's husband. Coffee, treats, and friendship and it all came to an end far too soon, before I knew it, it was time to go hope and get back to my studies. 
Politics is rearing it's ugly head again, as candidates are coming to the door to ask for support and votes. I get that we have a right to speech, I just wish sometimes it made more sense. No matter what political party would come to have their convention, there would be protests, ok, but why are we blaming new incumbents for same old when they are having trouble getting anything new passed? The newbies took office having to deal with the policies and the leftover agendas of the past incumbent and in trying to make head way there is too much push back and squabbling than enables them to make progress. 
I have been rolling this stuff about in my head recently and although this is not a new epiphany, the animosity in our governing houses, between sides is counter productive to what is equitable to the nation as a whole. In catering to one side or another, the politicians have lost complete sight of shat is best for the masses. I do not mean to say that there are not elected officials out there trying, but I really think that there needs to be some form of (yes, perhaps another agency) oversight in how what is passed, effects which level of society and, I know life is not fair, but that does NOT mean as viable members of what I hope is a humane, and I do mean Humane race, we must make life fair and equitable for all. 
I agree, it is a lot to manage and perhaps it is not as possible, but why not strive for a best case scenario? why do we hear people say, they aren't worth that pay? yeah they should take less? Is that really the American dream and where we want to go? Let's just put it in to perspective, even before (and this may have been a causing factor) the recession, it was apparent that American workers were having a race to the bottom of the pay and benefits grid, and the elitist factions that caused it were slapped on the hands and bailed out to hopefully save us all a bit. 
I think I will be brighter minded when I have passed my tests and can go back to knitting. I do remember, more than a couple of decades ago, some people talking about how the corporations and some of the politicians would get us to this point, of course many people said no, no there are too many things to keep this from happening. Well, one of the things to keep this from happening is due diligence by the people, who need to remind our government that they are working for the people and we remain vocal and forward enough, without violence to make sure they understand we re watching and paying attention, although there does remain those that are brainwashed by everything they hear and stop thinking for themselves in lieu of a catch phrase or something funny, I do hope we remain smarter than that.

So back to the study grind, keep your sticks moving and as always:

Happy stitching trails to you. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Seriously, are people this blind!!!


So today a friend forwarded a link to me, from the Star Trib. It said that Michelle Bachmann was quoted by the Colorado Independent as saying our country was becoming a Nation of slaves. Here is the link.

I am disgusted at the thought that the people in our Nation are so freakishly blind to the reality in the Republican party. This agenda of everything we were doing, we are going to say you are doing. Do people really not pay attention??

So, I go to The Colorado Independent and find the story. Yup, the link is below.

Does the hair stand on the nape of anyone else's neck, like it does mine? Does this ring to anyone else of the mass public brainwashing that took place in Nazi Germany? What are we? A nation of ostriches with our heads in the sand?

If you think I am overreacting, or not telling the truth, you have not been paying attention, its all in the archives and in Black and white to read by VERY reliable sources. The Bush administration was making moves to take away our civil liberties until the Civil Liberties Union among others put the kibosh on it. Stopping a fascist movement in its tracks, or at least slowing it down. Thank God not everyone is blind.

So then I decided to check another source to see what they were saying. Here is the news article:

Then I found this little gem there as well.

Michele stars in a church sponsored film about "Socialism, A clear and present danger"What socialism! We are just trying to get back to center from the Republican agenda of fascism?

I am so glad that Michelle Backmann is so religious, I mean good for her, we all have our beliefs, but, history tells us that organized religions have always been at the cornerstone, head and forefront of wars and persecution since the dawn of mankind its self. The undercurrent of religion in politics in this country, is unconstitutional, that is why it is an undercurrent so that the majority of the people don't notice. 

And then there are more of the Republican scare tactics, could we have the full story please!

Imagine if you will, if all the representatives of our nations people were to bring their religious views in the door to work. Who knows, perhaps that is why we have more conflict than ever before in our government, elected officials used to be at least social after work and now they barely talk afterward.
If you do a Google search "Michele Bachmann" you will find a youtube video of her interview with Chris Matthews, I have linked them.

I think Vanden Heuvel says it best in the following videos.

Being Liberal does not make me anti-American, or politically left-wing.Michele Bachmann needs to really hear what she is saying, and stop acting like McCarthy.

The lighter side of life, perhaps. 
 I continue to struggle with test anxiety, but, the present chapter is on printers and I seem to have a niche here. Yeah me!

Not a lot of knitting, working on a plain pair of socks, pretty mindless, but nice.

Have happy stitches on your knitting trail.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Facing down the test anxiety demon

A couple of months ago I began training for A+ certification to be a computer tech, I have two months to go so here I am with a head full of stuff and trouble getting it on paper to prove it, because my old demon "test anxiety" has come to roost for a bit.
So to coin a phrase "I'm not as young as I once was", that being said, I am not ready for the scrap heap, and to quote again, "If you don't use it you loose it." 
Life is about learning and growing from the day we are born until the day we die, and this is inevitable as taxes and relatives. If we reflect on life, we live it well; when we are true in our commitment to our brain, we continue to quench our thirst for knowledge and by doing so exercise and work our brain.
I have regrouped the tools and started the music therapy, self hypnosis and found an awesome study buddy on one of my friends who is committed to getting me through this. A doctor suggested a medication, but it is also a heart med I would rather not take if I can avoid it. So to summarize, I have picked up the boot straps on the study skills, I am making sure I get the needed proteins and brain foods, have begun music therapy and self hypnosis and just found and started to study with my newly found tutor. Luck has nothing to do with, I will be victorious in the end, or know the reason why.
It has been cool to go into places and know about the things I am looking at and being able to talk the talk of a tech. Yeah me! I can talk about it, my instructor knows I know it but we have to make sure I can get the proof on paper, there are thing we are trying on the test end as well.

My new online friend for information to pass this course is Professor Messer, in his A+ videos, great for helping to permeate the information I have and to review it whenever I want.

My knitting is suffering, but, it was a planned victim of collateral damage that I will get back into a little more after I pass the class. My little fur people; Sadie and Abella, are part of the collateral damage, it appears they are getting ready for couch sessions and doggy Prozac because I am gone so much, Sadie about glued herself to me literally this morning, DH had to hold on to her so I could get out the door, I felt so bad for her,
 I was meeting a class mate to study.

Poor DH is handling being a knitting and A+ widow well, he is such a great guy. His mom did well raising him.

I bought myself a net-book for my birthday back in September, and had a lot of freeze up troubles with it. I was able to find and resolve the issues on my own and it is working quite well and comes in handy for class. I am just loving fixing my own stuff. disassembling things to see how they work in class, replacing parts, networking computers, partitioning drives, and killing viruses. Life is good!

I completed the pair of socks for my Niece Tia in the Tonks colorway as well as a pink lace shrug, she loved both. I did not have time to get pictures of her in them so I am going to ask her to take some and email or send to my phone.

I now have a droid phone that I am having so much fun with and upgraded my Sprint wireless card to a hub so we can be on the net book and the computer at the same time.

I am totally loving my Addie click set, I have sweaters on needles like crazy that I do not have time for and I am not only a yarn geek/snob, I am becoming a computer geek as well. Life is good!

Ok, now for a commentary. Mylee Cyrus  is not my cup of tea, I am not going to speak to her talent or lack there of, but I will say this: She is not the only one who does this and she is a product of the industry in it's true form, as she struts half naked on stage, playing to a crowd of children and adults, gesturing and gyrating her body inappropriately for the young audience. Why are parents NOT taking action and speaking when their children are being sexualized in this manner?, why are they taking their children to these concerts?. It's not ok, and because its the trend or fad, it does NOT make it ok! Mylee turns 17 in November, I have to say her parents are not concerned with the image she displays, and I shake my head in wonderment at how people can be amazed that we have so many sexual predators going after children. I am not by any means blaming victims, I am saying that our society needs to take a harder look at its self and realize there is culpability on both sides of the fence and get on the ball so innocent children are better protected. AT some point there will be another law suit and it will go after a part of the industry that churns out this soft core pornography for children.
I recently had the pleasure of being in a conversation with a very astute and intelligent 9 year old girl. The topic was music and she stated she did not like pop, or mainstream, that it was disgusting and quite frankly said, and I quote "Grandma, there are pockets of resistance". KUDOS to her parents!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brain numb

I have been back in class, this one is A+ Certification. Great class, love it; makes my brain hurt and go numb. Those trade off's in life again I guess.
I have finished a second pair of felted flip flops for my cousin Stazia, she just loved them to no end. Still working on the cotton bamboo tee and started my friend Lisa'a socks from the book we are both in called "Think Outside the Socks". We are both far too excited about seing ourselves in print. We were both sent two free books when our sock were returned and I purchased an extra copy as I had designated one for Jenny who gave me the confidence to create the sock and wanted my sister Heidi, who is a new knitter to have one as well.
Heidi has been knitting for about a year, she tries to fit it in to her busy life and recently talked about knitting socks. I am excited about this, but I think my fair Isle sock will not be on her list of to do's any time soon, Lisa's could be, but I think plain may be best with all the chaos in her life, job, DH, all those kids (I swear there are a million.)
I have a lovely purplish sock yarn from Knitosophy and the socks are looking very lovely. Great pattern Lisa!
I finished my class internet project early and thought I would take the time to make a quick Blog entry before lunch. Thank you for joining me.

Happy Stitches to you!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recorded Reality V.S. What she Says

First of all I would like to say that, I am at bind off for the bottom of my mohair top down sweater, I will then need to pick up and knit sleeves and front edges. Yeah! getting closer.

We all may know about the rally for Michelle Bachman this past week here in the cities. Makes me shake my head, two points: constitutional rights and religion. 

I don't honestly know whether to laugh or cry. First of all, Michell was saying she wants to bring us back to a constitutional base, we have gotten away from the constitution and our rights here in America.  I do not necessarily take issue with that statement, what I take issue with is what seems in  my opinion to be a faux effort toward atonement by the republican party. Shortly after 911 is when the BUSH administration was trying to pass legislation to restrict and take a lot of our rights away here in America and for the record this is not the first time the Republican party has made an effort to do so and push us into a militaristic fascist regime. Yeah, I said it and I meant it, you may not find it in the history books because inconvenient truths are kept hidden, but if you are wise, intelligent and resourceful, you can find the information in the Library of Congress, the documents exist, check your local library.
Michelle was the one that latched on to Bush's hand like some overwhelmed groupie after a press conference. Now you want to protect our rights? Really Michelle, do you think everyone is that forgetful?
Let us not forget the lovely Mrs. Palin, one of the original"Mavericks" from our last presidential election, who's ex-running mate McCain who now denies he ever said he was a Maverick, wow, are perhaps on the fringe of the Republican party re-inventing themselves. Is this more of the lets do it and deny it later crap we have seen in politicians all along? probably. The records show and do prove on and off capital hill, just where the true heart of Republicans is and it is and has been for decades with big business, money and corporations. Now I ask, what do those people really have to do with HONEST Christianity? Except to espouse it and not follow it, like the holiday Christians that go to church one the big holidays. And where is the adorable baby Palin carted around during the campaign season. Remember she said she would be a voice in the white house for special needs? Is he no longer convenient? Guess that is something she would not do after the campaign, except to say oh, don't use that word, its derogatory. Certainly by now, with all of her celebrity status she has achieved she could have accomplished more than that by now; and how is all htat abstinence stuff going for the Christians?
Just someone else's opinion on abstinence. 
I see so many things out there saying how our new president is Americas biggest "#%@%" mistake, well, sans the expletives, the Bushes were a very low point for morality in this country and the biggest step forward for chances at fascism and moral decline in how we treat each other. Just saying and wondering, how does that equate him to being the moral selection? There is so much out there and it is sad that in our society educated people want information handed to them without research on their own part, please make the time, and who knows how much change could be enacted if we all educated OURSELVES with the FACTS better!
Yes, I am mostly Democrat, from a long line of Democrats, but when I jump party lines, it is an educated jump, and maybe once when I was naive and wanted to believe did I vote Republican; otherwise it was independent.
On the news a woman was talking about the Rally with Palin and Bachman saying that Michelle B. needs to remember that Palin was basically the right religious choice and Minnesota needed more God help. 
Since when, is someone who has blatantly lied in public, not as; pure as her religion espouses and cant seem to keep her own family order, a choice on GOD?? Would the real God stand up so we can please meet the great omnipresence? I have a great faith and belief of God and all that this entails.
First of all we have a constitutional separation between church and state in this country! Michelle B. needs to remember and protect that right! This does NOT exclude God from the white house, the Republican party DOES NOT have the market cornered on being God fearing an religious, other presidents believe in God and go to church too. Abortion is the biggest red herring of our time in politics, pulling people attention away from some extremely important issues, oh look something shiny. Does our whole country need ADD meds? I have to wonder. 
Before I forget, anyone can pray in our public schools. Yes, it is true, make your intentions or your group's intentions know and they have to provide you with a space as long as you do not disrupt school. That is how the other religions get away with it.
Let us stop covering up and showing a change, not just talking about it, oh wait, think of all the money and power cliches and then think of the Republican party. Hmm... 
Yes, there may be some good ones out there, I just need to meet them, but as long as they work for the aristocracy of this country, they will not get my vote.

Need to work a bind off, so..
I love my Addi Clicks set!!! best investment I have made in knitting.

Happy Stitches

Monday, April 5, 2010

Flavor of the day

Having just returned from a visit to Mankato, I again seem to be ill, chest congestion, I think it is the environmental changes of air etc. I am also getting better and decided it was a vegetarian chili day.

2 cups chopped tomatoes
1 small or medium onion chopped fine
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. parsley
1/2 tsp herbs de province
1/4 tsp. tumeric
1/2 tbs. seasoned salt
4 C. water
Bring above ingredients to a boil
Add 3/4 cups rice.
2 C. pinto beans or beans of choice hydrated
Boil for two min. and turn to simmer until rice is cooked.

may not sound like much, but tastes very good.

I have been finishing project, talking about them but not posting them, so here are some of my finished objects. along with dog pictures, I apparently have not taken pictures of my Narvik sweater.
These are the felted flip flops I made my niece.

A few pictures of Abella, here she is in a basket.
Here is Abella
in a vase with my Red
cable sweater in progress beside her.

My finished Red cable sweater

Sadie and Abella at Heidi's with a sippie cup.

 The Dolls House in Owatonna.

Happy Stitches

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

seeing lookalikes

When I was in my late teens and walking all over town, I would sometimes see someone who would begin calling me by the wrong name until they got close enough to see I was not who they thought. We have all seen someone who looks like someone else we know, sometimes the resemblance is uncanny and/or eerie. Today I had one of those experiences, I saw a man, who not only resembled my father in looks, bit stature as well, he was wearing clothes like dad did with those brown eyes. My nephew agreed he said he almost called him grandpa, the problem is I think we made the poor man uncomfortable because of how we were looking at him.We spent most of the day at the dog park, the morning wa quiet, but the afternoon was full of people and dogs my nephews and the dogs loved it, Bella was not as out going as usual, a bit intimidated by all the really big dogs.
It got a bit warm in the sun this afternoon, so of course the dogs had to get their clothes off, it is very odd to see them naked, I think they were a bit taken aback by being without clothes in public, but when the pack started to run Sadie was in heaven and happy as could be. Ah, to be free, running with the pack, ears flapping in the wind as you run, I think she was smiling.
I finished my red cable sweater and I am working on a mohair cardigan, it is top down and I am past the sleeves, working down the sides.
It was a good day and we will be out and about tomorrow having fun.

Happy stitches to all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ok, so now I have discovered Skype. One of my cousins uses it and she does not have a camera, so you can use Skype without it.
A lot of people I guess use it for international computer to computer calls, it will cost if you call phones but it does work that way. I just downloaded the program last night and began talking to my cousin, it was kind of cool, talking and using the computer at the same time.
If I get brave I can make a video blog post, but I don't really like my pictures. Don't know that anyone needs to watch my goofy face in motion, but it is a thought.
I have one flip flop ready to felt, just have to make the thong on the second one. My cousin put in a request for a pair for herself, she is making necklace dog collars for the girls. I use harnesses to walk them so the collars are just to hold tags, and now they will be pretty.
Sadie, Bella and I had a nice visit yesterday, it was a long day, but fun. we talked, the birds seemed happy to see us and Greta even decided that one of the dog treats was for her.
I am taking red yarn skeins for my sweater to Jenny tonight for winding, she is such a good friend to do this as the flying fibers from winding cause me to have a reaction.
I want to finish the slippers today and felt tomorrow, I am taking them to show people tonight.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Keep your sticks clicking!

Happy Stitches

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A cat reincarnated as a dog?

Last Summer out cat Monika passed away, she was a cleaver and resourceful little dilute calico that liked to steal socks and make herself little nests to sleep in. At one point in time I was befuddled at how few socks I had and could not figure out where they were going; even losing them to the dryer in mass quantities did not make sense. One morning I awoke to a strange scratching sound, I opened my eyes to see Monika laying on top of the dresser pulling the sock drawer open with her little claws, she hooked a pair of socks, got it in her teeth and took off with me in hot pursuit of the sock thief, I found her nest and regained my socks.
I have not thought of that in a long time, until today. Last night I took my socks off in front of the bed, this morning I see Bella grab a sock in her mouth, I told her to stop but she ran faster, nosing the door to her kennel open to get inside with the sock. I grabbed my sock, she followed me out of the bathroom and when I turned to look at her she ran back in the kennel, I had to laugh.
Is my new puppy a reincarnation of the cat? maybe just the same soul group. Who knows but, apparently she likes socks and cares little if they are not clean.
Lesson: do not leave dirty socks by the bed, the dog will take them.

In knitting news I am several inches in to my second red cable sleeve, I am working on soul number two of the flip flop slippers and I have my Pattern works order so I can make little socks for the two sock blocker key chains I ordered. There is no further progress on the top down sweater and I will need more yarn wound for the red cable sweater. 

Bella is on the desk whining at me, I need to keep her from attacking Sadie and using her as a chew toy, because she possibly injured Sadie's ear, the vet and I are not sure; time to go play with the dogs.

Happy Stitches

Friday, March 19, 2010

Me and My shadows

As I move through the house doing different things, I have little shadows following me around, looking at me funny at times. Sadie and Abella keep me company in all things about the house. I am not sure what they would say if they had their own blogs but, I some times wonder and funny little things run trough my head.

I have not made a bunch of little knitted things for Abella, I will make her some things though. She seems to fit into a few of Sadie's original things with the help of the harness to pull it in a bit. We had a vet visit the other day, as I was brushing the dogs out, I found that Sadie's' ear was bleeding. at first I thought it was an ear infection. I carefully cleaned her ear out and called the vet's office. It was not an ear infection, the inside of her little ear was scratched up, perhaps from Abella our little land  piranha, who seems to make Sadie her favorite chew toy. Behavior modification plan being implemented.

The first red cable sleeve is now complete and I am working up the second one, which is being waylaid for my attempt at making felted flip flops. Felting and I have not done so well together, but I will be diligent and stand over my washer, shaping as it shrinks. I think I can do these in a week so, here I go courage of faith in hand to deliver me to the promised land of fabulously felted things.

I was given a directive to have the Red sweater finished by this coming Wednesday, maybe I can work a miracle and do both, ha, miracles are us is closed this week so I guess I am on my own.

So I stitch on in bliss to whatever the week has to offer.

Happy Stitches!

Sixteen Women With Pointed Sticks, No Injuries

Our Nokomis knitting group went on our first knitting retreat adeptly planned by Lisa. Kathy Heidi and I rode up together (thank you Kathy for driving), we stopped a Grubbers Quilt shop, which sells yarn and quilting supplies, this is where I found the lovely pattern for the French Felted Slippers, we stopped at Bonnie's Spinning wheel, lots of delicious yarn to touch and buy there as well. Unfortunately I did not turn out to be an adept navigator, we did reach our destinations and found our lovely accommodations at the Bug Bee Hive Resort in Paynesville.
Our names were on our doors and after a quick unloading of the car, we quickly set about knitting. I was able to complete the lovely Birch shawl, which I knit up using the Kidsilk Aura yarn I won at the Textile Center Rowan event and was able to complete a pair of toddler socks I also had in progress. Heidi completed a hat. On Saturday a spontaneous knit a long of the February Ladies sweater, I did not join in on those festivities, I went back to working on my red cable sweater sleeves. 
Kathy worked on and finished a pair of socks, there were many other projects in progress. Heidi graduated in to the knitting world, as Christina and Jenny leaped in to action to rescue her from a skein of Red heart yarn, that I had been letting her practice stitches on; it was explained that "Friends don't let friends knit with Red heart" and quickly replaced her practice skein with non acrylic yarn for practicing. Heidi was told that she had accomplished a hat and had graduated, making it necessary to only use non acrylic yarns, and Heidi was also given a certificate to prove this.
Meals were well organized and we all ate well with plenty of time to knit and visit. A few people enjoyed walking and using the pool at the lodge. 
It sounds as though this will be a repeat trip next year as everyone enjoyed themselves very much, the time moved quickly and as all good things do, the weekend ended and most if not all of us felt like it ended much too soon.
As usual I am sadly behind in pictures and will have to post some later, unfortunately I did not get any of the retreat.
We did go into New London on Saturday to visit the many little shops, which of course included a yarn shop, where I found a felted flip flop pattern, Yeah! Something for my niece who likes to live wearing flip flops.

Happy Stitches

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Narvik complete and more

I not only completed the Narvik sweater, which I made longer and added button holes for buttons, I have been finishing a few other things. I stitched together the Narvik, sewed linings for two purses and I am working on the Birch shawl pattern using free yarn from the Rowan Retrospective event at the Textile Center. The yarn is four balls of Kidsilk Aura which is 82 yard as compared to the over 200 yards on the regular kidsilk balls of yarn, so I altered the pattern, I cast on 109 stitches  and I believe that I can make it with the four balls since the shawl will be smaller and the pattern called for 3 balls of the regular Kidsilk. Finger Crossed.
I had wanted to complete the Narvik Sweater and wear it to the event, but at the eleventh hour I needed to steam and seam as it were. My pink rowan cable sweater was the ticket and my picture may be in the textile center newsletter. Not really a like my own picture person, but I let this one slide.

Kathy, Jenny and I went to the Rowan event together on Friday, then we took a yarn shop road trip on Saturday. We visited the Doll house in Owatonna, found Smitten with Knitting in Waseca closed, so continued to Mankato to have Lunch with one of my sisters after visiting Mary Lue's in Mankato. After lunch it was The Tangled Skein in St. Peter and then home again. The route is a nice little day trip and was fun, Kathy found an out of print Rowan book I found the baby moc-a-sock pattern and Jenny found a Rowan book as well.
My red cable sweater is still waiting for me to finish the sleeves, and I am working on sock two of a pair of toddler socks. 
Keeping busy, keeping the doggies company and knitting away.

Happy Stitches and keep your needles flying through the fiber.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Narvik progress and updates

It is 11:30 and I am half way up the last piece of the sweater, the second front piece. Thanks to Chris R. The intuitive cabling is going well, and the pattern is pretty much in my head, which makes the whole thing go faster. 
With time of the essence, I will be steam blocking the pieces to get them together; keeping my fingers crossed. 
So what am I doing blogging when I have so many stitches to manage by this evening? Have to take a break, more coffee, a few bites of vanilla yogurt, Tylenol for the tension headache and back to work. 
My next break will hold a shower and such. I can do it, I can do it.

Abella has used the potty patch again, yeah! Sadie is still not convinced it is the thing to use, but we will not forgo potty outings, just not walks today.

Have to grab the Tylenol and get back to work.

Happy Stitches all.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Air Traffic and take a kid to work

If you have been listening to the news lately, and depending on which source you are hearing, seeing and or reading, you may have caught the reports of two kids directing air traffic.

One can extrapolate from any knowledge of the situation that there were dangers. That being said, think for a moment about the concept of take your kid to work and what it was meant to do and be. It began in the 1970's as take your daughter to work day, it was a way to teach daughters they could do anything. Some would argue that, it is a relic that needs to be eliminated and only reminds people without kids, of how annoying kids can be to  people. Yes, this is a feminist relic, it has been expanded to boys because they began to underachieve and as a person without kids I need to say, yes, overhaul but do not cancel.

This is my small humble opinion and many will disagree, this is their right. I can say that, in my opinion, the day needs to be overhauled; it has become an opportunity to find ways in which we can enrich and stimulate children in a positive way.

According to NBC there were two kids, both closely supervised and afforded the opportunity to view how their parent works in a hands on exercise.

Safe? Probably not. Unique? yes! and speaking for myself (yet again), I learn better hands on.
Think for a moment on the opportunities to enrich with such learning experiences for the future of this country, all personal bitterness and politics aside, this is one thing we should unite on, is a way in which we could take an idea from our past and recreate it in to a better tool, that teaches children some hands on ways in which they can see their futures as well as try new experiences. 
I hear it, and yes, this could be expensive, it could be a tax write off for some large corporations that could be seen as far more positive than let's give ourselves big bonuses.
Are you asking if I have any ideas, or am I all talk? Maybe both. Seriously, I have been putting thought into this.
Old equipment could be donated, simulations could be set up and in controlled environments, people could volunteer time and children could try, hands on to do things that would stimulate their minds to dream of things we did not, and at the same time ethics, social conscience and community to name a few things can be instilled in our future generations as opposed to selfish, self entitled negativity, anger, and violence that we see so much of today and lets not leave out self image factors. Let us look at getting rid of the ideas of "do unto others before they do unto you", "Look out for number one", and any of the other social negativism that have been instilled in the growing, upcoming generations for the last three decades. 
Truly this is an opportunity for learning and generating ideas, yes, thank God nothing bad happened, the adults involved were there, they were coaching and it helped to lighten some very stressful jobs, there is a lot to be said for the psychological benefits there. 
I just keep asking myself, why is it that we look at the worst and do not look at the positive opportunities involved in the situations that come along in life? Lets start now and turn this into the opportunity it can be, to put new ideas out there to enlighten, motivate and energize children and our future.
Let's put these air traffic people back to work and see what they have learned and what ideas they may have.

Oh, yeah. This is a knitting blog and to that end, I am six inches from completing the back of my Narvik sweater and I need 21 more inches on the last front piece.

Back to knitting, and as always..........

Happy Stitches. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Run down

So here I am, sitting with little pup crawling up my shoulder, using one of my sisters computers because my notebook is in the shop (Microsoft failure), writing a brief update.
Jenny and I went on an adventure a couple of weekends ago, we drove to Owatonna to the Doll house, pictures were taken, yarn was touched and more will be written later, about this and Smitten with Knitting.

I have been in Mankato for about a week and will return to the cities some time tomorrow, Bella has a vet appointment. I am not sure I will be going to any knitting or crochet groups when I get back, as the people around me have been getting sick. So far I am ok but feel a bit stuffy today.

It is a lay low day today and we will watch movies; we begin with Angels and Demons.

Making progress on eh Red cable and Narvik, one sleeve on the way to being finished.

Will up date soon.

Happy Stitches

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Politics and Knitting (not that they go together)

Knitting in groups, one may find that the conversations can run quite a gammit, reaching out to current events, social affairs and politics. Knitting groups as many knitters know, can be very ecclectic and diverse.
For me, I thrive in the environment and my relationship with DH can attest to my drive for intelligent  and factual conversation.
One thing that we sometimes do not get about our fellow Americans, is that we tend to hear a lot of parroting of information where people have not checked thier facts.
Another thing I find that makes my head shake, is how anyone who is poor in this country could be Republican.
How is it that we need to check even foreign news to get a better view of what is happening in our own country.
Thomas Frank, an american writer and Journalist thinks that US voters have become blind where thier real interests are concerned.
"It's like a French revolution in reverse in which the workers come pouring down the street screaming more power to the aristocracy."
I have always shaken my head when I hear people in working class and in moderate to low income espousing the value of the Republican party. For more information on this topic and other information, follow that link below.

I have been catching bits of the televised capital sessions and I have to say something about wages and how things are going inthis country.

Yes in these times we all need to tighten our belts. Trickel down economic theory is just that, theory. I caught a bit of a sesson on the Minnesota bonding bill and to negate a law in order to pay workers less in these economic times is in my opinion, the wrong answer.
We pay for what we get, however, in a time when taxpayers and businesses (this began before the hard economic times, if you will remember, budgets have long been tried to be balanced on the backs of workers along with company bottom lines). If Governments and companies truly want to cut costs and lower wages, They have to start at the top, before they get to the working class.
Cut out bonuses for five years, do not give the governors, presidents or auditors raises until the crisis is over; STOP vicitimizing the American workers for heavens sake. Dear aristocracy, put your money where your mouth is!

Knitting is going very well. I have completed the front and back of my Red Dolce' cable sweater and I am working on the sleeves and making good progress. I am sewing shoulders tonight, then picking up and knitting the neck.
Finished or not, this weekend I am picking up the rest of the yarn for my gray Rowan cable Narvik sweater and finishing that by March 5th. so I can wear it to the Rowan show at the Textile Center for the Knitters Guild. I am very excited and looking forward to this.

Puppy Patrol
Bella has gained a few ounces and keeps Sadie quite active, they play quite a bit and Sadie actually chews rawhide at home now. For a bit we were not getting a lot of sleep, but now Bella is sleeping better at night so we all are. Yeah!

Happy Knitting Everyone

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life on the knit and a frustration with bobbles.

Today Kimberly, Mary and I went to knitters palette, I bought the new Piece work magazine, which is the 4th Annual historic Knitting issue. The articles speak a bit about the rich knitting history in England and Jewish Lithuania. There is something lovely about historic patterns and the ladies who made them, such as Miss Money; a bit of a question as to who she was. The nostalgia is warming, even though I get a bit lost in the curious way they used to write patterns in those early times and written patterns were not common.

I thought I would begin a pair of socks which I purchased the pattern and yarn for a couple of months ago. Start them I did and don't you know, I am feeling that the little baubles that make the cherries are more frustration than I need right now. Back to the stash bin for that project, it will hibernate for a bit, or longer.

Miss Bella is fitting in well, quite perky and of course energetic as she is a puppy. Bella has no fear, seems to think she is a much larger dog than she is, because she is definitely not intimidated by larger dogs and chases down cats that have more than ten pounds on her. Bella seems to fly when she leaps or flings herself forward. A trim was definitely in order for this little hair ball and she looks more like a dog than something you would find Whoville in. 
Sadie looks out for Bella, still gets annoyed when chewed on too much by her, but they get on well.

I am trying to finish the back of my red cable sweater, I am almost at the point where I can shape the shoulders, measuring in the morning to see where I am at. The rest of my yarn for this sweater needs to be wound yet, so I am going to work on getting that done this week as well as work on the Rowan Narvik sweater I began. I am adding length to the Narvik as it is a cropped cardigan and that will not do on me, would look quite hideous.

So cherry socks aside for now, onward to finis my red sweater and Narvik by March 5th. Just in time for the Rowan's 30 year retrospective traveling show at the Textile Center. As a bonus I will have two new cool sweaters to wear to the retreat our knitting group has going on, thanks to Lisa for finding a place and organizing it; I am really looking forward to this, I want to take a complicated project and an easy one. Imagine, sixteen knitters all tucked away in a couple of cabins, knitting and perhaps some wine.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Abella Ami

Yesterday I drove up to Little Falls to pick up our new little family edition. A spunky little puff of fur and such as she is that I at some point began to call Abella, or Bella for short and decided on Abella Ami at some point, which means beautiful friend in French.

Bella is four months old, and was a litter runt, who was given away to my friend Binky's mom, who then after two weeks had her fill of house training and was tired of cleaning up  messes. She is less than two pounds, spunky, loves to play, does chew and is apricot in color.

Binky and I thought Bella would be a good companion for my little peanut Sadie, who likes friends and has been spending her mornings alone while I am in class. Sadie was very excited when she first saw Bella, who tried to cower from Sadie's sniffing, then rolled over on her back in submission.

I was a bit worried, Bella's diet had consisted of milk and cat food as she did not like her own food, and I was not successful in getting her to eat or drink most of the evening.
Since it was craft night at my friends house, Bella came with Sadie and I to craft night and meet the rest of the pack.
We carefully introduced the dogs, Copper, a more dominant male beagle, Rocco, The less dominant male Corgi and Gatto the Main coon male cat who seemed to feel that the little puff of fur was not significant enough to acknowledge. After a while Bella was running around checking stuff out and scurrying the edges of walls and furniture like a rodent, but would not eat or drink anything, did chew and lick a soft treat, but only chewed it to pieces and did not eat it. Each time there was a potty break Bella was taken along to observe, but seemed to not understand why we wanted her to be on the cold ground outside.

After dinner and our visit Sadie, Bella and I went to Petco, where we talked to the dog trainer and got advice on food and such. It seems as though, due to poor diet, Bella is loosing her hair and is flesh and bone under all that hair; I got a discount on the food, which I was grateful for. I found Bella a little mint t-shirt and jacket at Petco on clearance for+ .99 cents each. She was wearing one of Sadie's smaller sweatshirts that is now too tight on Sadie and is too big for Bella except that it kind of works with all the hair.

My goals for the rest of the night were to 1. get Bella to eat something, 2. get Bella to drink something. and 3. hopefully have a successful potty episode outside without accidents.
I am happy to report that, Bella ate some wet puppy food and without accidents has had three, successful outdoor potty episodes, I am concerned that I have not seen her drink, but the wet food has moisture and I am going to mix it with warm water to get her more fluid and because it is not complete nutrition, there is the dry puppy food and all of Sadie's food that she has been eating.

Sadie sleeps on the bed at night, we went to bed and took Bella with us. Bella was not ready to settle down, to her it was time to play and eat, since our bed is a king size and is high from the floor, and little Bella has no fear of jumping off cliffs as I discovered (she flumps on the wood floor and scurries off), we kenneled little Bella for the night and then we all slept well.

This morning when DH got up, Bella of course started mini barking, which started Sadie barking, which meant I was up for the day at 5 a.m., nope not used to that! DH lets Bella out of the kennel and she immediately scuttles off and I have to chase her down so we can all go outside, where she successfully pottied. Yeah! First she watches what Sadie does then does the same.

Needless to say, Bella is kenneled for her own safety during the day, because she has no fear and she is so small.
Our cat Sasha, just looks at Bella, hisses loudly and runs upstairs, she dislikes Bella's scurrying, barks and mop like look, so pretty much everything.

A note on knitting:

I have divided for the the arms on my Red cable sweater and I am working up the back. Yeah!

Happy stitches