Thursday, April 17, 2008

A few of my favorite things, and Sadies favorites too.

I will not add a video with me singing the song, no one needs that torture.

Sadie here is my shadow and my favorite animal friend (she needs a trim in this picture).

I write about knitting and spinning so of course those are on the list of favorites, beyond that I love to have new information and learn about my favorite things.
One of the things I found this year, is Ravelry. Absolutely love the organizational aspects as well as the help forums. If you are a knitter or crocheter or both, definitely check it out.
Through Ravelry, I learned about Mezzo Diva and Campanula for the cure socks.
A link to Mezzo Diva's blog is
on my blog, along with a few other bloggers I knew about and found this year. When I donated to and received my campanula for the cure information, I found an embedded link to a PDF for short row toe and heel by Wendy Knits; A link to her blog is on my page and a link to the PDF is in this post.
Wendy's short row toe is my FAVORITE for toe up socks and I will probably adapt it to all or most of the toe up patterns I knit from now on. Life is good Thanks to Wendy for the short row help and Mezzo Diva for the link to begin with.
My favorite Bloggers are linked on my page, they are knowledgeable, funny and an inspiration to me. I enjoy reading about their projects and adventures, They do some wonderful work.

My favorite people beyond the bloggers I read are, my close friends and fellow knit and crocheters I see or speak with every week.
My sisters Becky and Heidi who give moral support, encouragement and loving advice while being my sounding boards.

SALES! Who does not think sales are among their favorite things? Yarn shop sales to be more precise, Linden Hills Yarn in Minneapolis
is having a sale through the 19th of March. The Yarnery in St. Paul is having a sale, and I ordered a lace blocking kit from for half price! Amazing things these sales, I purchased some Cashsoft Aran yarn at Linden Hills, I graphed out a scarf pattern, with the Cashsoft in mind, for my other favorite person, my house mate who is always so good to me and I decided he needs a cool scarf, the merino and cashmere blend is sooo soft and wonderful, I think he will love it.

Lace is cool, I am more than halfway through the Whisper shawl, using suri alpaca lace yarn from The Alpaca Yarn Company.

I have beads to work into the bottom of the shawl, before working the lace edging on the front. I am looking forward to wearing it.

The Jane Austen series wrapped up on PBS over a week ago, I bought the complete collection of seven novels from Barnes and Nobles, it includes a little known book of hers called Lady Susan.

Sadie's favorite new person is our mail carrier; Sadie likes to sit on the arm of the couch and watch for her out the window, when she sees her she goes nuts! We greet her at the door and of course a doggy biscuit is involved, Sadie ignores that and sucks up the attention, then goes for the biscuit when the mail carrier leaves. Sadie loves people, her favorite neighbors live next door and she always tries to sneak a peek to find out if they are outside when we go outside to walk. Sadie's favorite people are children, especially babies, she can't get enough of the little ones. I just wish Sadie could learn to knit and have it as one of her favorite things.

Sadie loves to shop at Petco and go visit our friends when we can. Sadie will be happy on Sunday when we go buy more food for her, it's all about the exposure and attention for her.