Sunday, July 25, 2010

More on the topics of Life

Topics of Life

More recently in life; I have been dumping all extra curricular activities to concentrate on passing my A+ Exams. There is about a month left of class and I have to reach 90% or higher. Where did the time go and why am I still drawing blanks? 
Not much knitting at all going on, I am perhaps managing about 20 to 40 rows a week for stress management. Yesterday I attended knitting our world together, sans dogettes. It was refreshing to sit and relax and knit with friends. Linda was quite excited over and missing her new granddaughter she left behind in Chicago. I helped a friend with her shell top project, a lovely drop stitch shell and then did a quick fix on nylon bag for Linda's husband. Coffee, treats, and friendship and it all came to an end far too soon, before I knew it, it was time to go hope and get back to my studies. 
Politics is rearing it's ugly head again, as candidates are coming to the door to ask for support and votes. I get that we have a right to speech, I just wish sometimes it made more sense. No matter what political party would come to have their convention, there would be protests, ok, but why are we blaming new incumbents for same old when they are having trouble getting anything new passed? The newbies took office having to deal with the policies and the leftover agendas of the past incumbent and in trying to make head way there is too much push back and squabbling than enables them to make progress. 
I have been rolling this stuff about in my head recently and although this is not a new epiphany, the animosity in our governing houses, between sides is counter productive to what is equitable to the nation as a whole. In catering to one side or another, the politicians have lost complete sight of shat is best for the masses. I do not mean to say that there are not elected officials out there trying, but I really think that there needs to be some form of (yes, perhaps another agency) oversight in how what is passed, effects which level of society and, I know life is not fair, but that does NOT mean as viable members of what I hope is a humane, and I do mean Humane race, we must make life fair and equitable for all. 
I agree, it is a lot to manage and perhaps it is not as possible, but why not strive for a best case scenario? why do we hear people say, they aren't worth that pay? yeah they should take less? Is that really the American dream and where we want to go? Let's just put it in to perspective, even before (and this may have been a causing factor) the recession, it was apparent that American workers were having a race to the bottom of the pay and benefits grid, and the elitist factions that caused it were slapped on the hands and bailed out to hopefully save us all a bit. 
I think I will be brighter minded when I have passed my tests and can go back to knitting. I do remember, more than a couple of decades ago, some people talking about how the corporations and some of the politicians would get us to this point, of course many people said no, no there are too many things to keep this from happening. Well, one of the things to keep this from happening is due diligence by the people, who need to remind our government that they are working for the people and we remain vocal and forward enough, without violence to make sure they understand we re watching and paying attention, although there does remain those that are brainwashed by everything they hear and stop thinking for themselves in lieu of a catch phrase or something funny, I do hope we remain smarter than that.

So back to the study grind, keep your sticks moving and as always:

Happy stitching trails to you.