Monday, March 31, 2008

I did not order this

I did not order snow, I swear! It is rather pretty and is coming down in large chunks and flakes. Ahhh, life in Minnesota; if you want predictable weather, you won't find it here.
At four A.M. it was misting when I took
Sadie out to go potty, when we went out again at 10:30, it was doing this.
Wouldn't it be cool if mother nature was a real person and you were she? Hmmm, what kind of fun would that be?

On Friday my sister Bec called, she was with her family at the Radisson in Bloomington, they were going to the water park in the hotel.
A nice surprise, we met for dinner and visited. I took her vest to her, it has been on my Ravelry site as a finished object.
I love it, it is a bit big, she has lost weight. Good for her! See how cute she looks.

Her son Mattie ran into the picture as I was pressing the button; just a little camera ham.
I said one more and he flew into the view. His twin sister and older brother are off to the side, they did not have the same need to be photographed.

I am expecting a double treadle kit for my Ashford Traditional wheel, it should be coming tomorrow and then I can make more progress on spinning all the wool I have.
I am still happy with my progress in spinning, after not having spun for at least a year, my results were not hideous, or bad enough to send me screaming from the room.

I have until this coming Saturday to finish my March sock club sock, may not make it but I will give it a good try, although my fingers itch to jump around on different projects.

My stereo's calling for summer songs and the Beach Boys, I am going to pretend I am in Tahiti for the rest of the day.