Thursday, June 11, 2009

New developments on projects and such

So Facebook is an interesting medium, I joined, have not done too much with it. I pick up messages and write back, not interested in the games and quizzes really. I do not care if someone thinks I am stupid and wants me to take the IQ test, I have had them done a few times, they are rather relative and I test out about 130 or so. I do like the availability of non knitting friends that I cannot reach on Ravelry.
I have a new friend on Facebook K.B., I met her through my sister H.S., K.B. has asked if I could make her a prayer shawl, I could make that. I told her to get my number from my sister. Normally a prayer shawl is just something you give so karmically I do not think it would be a good thing to charge for, except I would ask for the cost of the yarn I use for it. I asked if she wanted a traditional one or this.

I rather like this one, the navdanya shawl, I may want to make one for myself.

I finished a little hat for a three month old and toddler socks, something to try on a visiting baby later today and keep if they fit. Now that my batteries are recharged I can take those pictures and upload them to post here.

So I tried my hand at making stitch markers and decided I did not like it so much, I do not want to practice to get the wire end twisted tightly, so, yesterday at knit night, I asked S.D. who makes lovely stitch markers if she would finish them. She thankfully said yes and I gave her the paraphernalia to make them and a down payment. S is undercharging for her work and I don't know if she realizes how much I appreciate her bailing me out in this endeavor, I decided that I would give her double her asking price for her time.

Baking is something I have not done in quite some time, today finds me working on a rhubarb custard type of dessert. My bag of rhubarb is thawing and I am trying to fold flour, powdered sugar and butter together to make the crust. Hmmm, not so pretty, but I think doable. Good luck to me.

Happy Stitches to you.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Keeping busy and catching up

Monday, June 8, 2009

Keeping busy and catching up

More pictures to post and GREAT! news. The socks I entered in the XrX Thionk outside the sox contest are going to be in the book coming out later this year. I am so happy about that and I cannot wait to see the book.
Here is a picture of my socks, modeled after southwestern pottery, I named them Aztec pottery.

My Severus socks are complete, I decided not to put the button
s on. The socks are a bit big and will make good bed socks for the winter. The socks were designed by Angela Tennent, who goes by H3Dakota on Ravelry.

These pink socks
are a butterfly lace, designed by Evelyn A. Clark and supplied through Fiber Trends.

The last weekend of May was the yarn shop hop here in the metro area, seven shops were involved t
otal and I, being the yarn fanatic that I can be, went to all seven shops both Friday and Saturday. I collected my charms and key chain on Friday, so that I could just focus on a good second look on Saturday.
the shops involved in the hop were; Zandy's in Burnsville, Three Kittens in Mendota Heights, The Yarnery in
St. Paul, A Sheepy Yarn Shoppe in White Bear, Amazing Threads in Maple Grove, Cold Water Collaborative in Excelsior, and Needlework Unlimited in Minneapolis.
It was a blurry whirlwind two days and I had a great time, even with all the headache and allergy issues galore.
One of our knitting friends put
her charms on a bracelet, but I am following an Idea Lisa had to make stitch markers. I visited The Bead hive in south Minneapolis and bought the accoutrement to make the markers. Below are a couploe of pictures of the charms and the key chain.

Just a small amount of yarn
was purchased, a couple of skeins for bags, yarn for booties and hats for gifts, little bear pattern and yarn for gift as well as an adult and baby sock monkey hat kits for gifts. I completed the baby hat which I will be taking pictures of on a baby this Thursday for posting. Needlework Unlimited called me to say I had won their drawing and I picked up my prize which is a hand painted skein of Heritage sock yarn in Green with a pattern.

This is the Baby sock monkey hat.

I completed a Caribbean Blue cable and eyelet scarf for a cousin, I sent it to her and she called very excite
d and happy, she totally loved the gift.

Here is a picture of my Yellow cotton sweater, which took about a week/ week and a half to make.

Well for now, Happy Stitches to you all.