Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cathching up with news

Its a lovely day here on the breezeway, I have a lot of work to do to make it NOT a catch all, but it is getting there. I have been busy and up to a lot in the past month or so, I had another knit repair job; I repair knitted items. I normally get these jobs through Linden Hills, which is where I pick up and drop off the item(s). I charge a $15.00 minimum and $15.00 per hour for the work plus the cost of supplies. Its interesting, I do not get a lot of work as people do not always know where to go to have this work done, but I find it rather sweet that they have been leaving me tips. I only had one job go over $30.00, most are under $20.00.

I spent two weeks in Mankato, helping out with day care for Connor. What a smart little guy, after the third time he was working hard to pull his own pants up and shirts on. Connor is also potty training, which I suspect may be hampered by the fact that Heidi is the only one who works with him on it. GOOD NEWS! Connors father is back from wherever he was and is willing to sign over custody, letting Heidi and Jim raise him; no court costs for that bit.

I spent a week in Austin as Tazsmonn's mom passed away. Ellie went peacefully while napping in her chair, she remained at home and active until that day. Ellie is remembered as being very loving, kind and a good person. I was able to get some copies of some of her recipes.

My niece Heathers wedding is coming up June 4th. I am officiating and knitting a silk lace garter for her. She is of course stressed and excited, still things to do.

I am taking printer tests for a job I hope to start on the 31st of this month, I really have a lot left on that, not as far as I wanted to be, a few glitches held me up and I downloaded all the service manuals I will need last night, so I am set now.

We have sparrows nesting in our old light pole outside, they are a joy to watch.

I hope your knitting is always a sweet meditation in your day!

Happy Stitching trails to all.