Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Smart phone?

One of the reasons I went to a smart phone was to make blogging on the go easier, I have to say it has taken me far too long in finding the blogger app. Before this I did manage to get one post out via phone and now I can happily say that I have another one out. This being said, I now hope to post more often.
I haave been working out a rough patch with myself and. At present I am climbing back up hill. I am one of the secretaries of the Minnesota Knitters Guild, I am looking forward to this new opportunity to add some of the needed change to my life. Unlike most people I am agreeable with change, I facilitate it, lifes inertia pushes me in to it when I begin to feel as though I am suffocating in a vacuume (dang! I knew how to spell that word once).
I finished the wrap I was working on for my niece along with a couple pairs of baby socks and now I am working on a summer sweater, because it was calling to me incredibly loudly. I have not forgotten about the bazillion winter sweaters I have in progress, nor am I any longer delusioned that they may not know I am cheating on them with this lovely linnen sommer sweater.
I am bringing my new sweater that I am making, the Pemberly slipper project as well as a sock project on the retreat. I am getting things together to bring on the retreat and I should be at least half packed for it by weeks end, although it is two weeks away.
My niece had her baby boy last Friday, Korey Floyd was born at 12:40pm, seven pounds and looks like his momma, according to Gramma. I am going down for a visit before the retreat to meet little Korey Floyd and hug his momma.
I tried out a new egg bake recipie for the retreat and have been eating a lot of egg bake since, I could be burning out on it before the retreat, so, making egg bake and oatmeal for beakfast on my day to cook.

Keep your sticks clicking and happy stitching trails