Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trying and Doing

I have come to realize that, I will not be able to finish my lace blouse by the end of the lace challenge, that's ok though, I am working on it and I have been busy.
I have a temporary contract job installing printers again, my mother in law passed and there have been things to do with the house, then my niece Heather was married June 4th.
Tazsmonn is doing well, he was extra stressed at the funeral running back and forth to the cities for finals, exceptions and arrangements could have been made, but everyone thought it best, including him that he get them over with. They have been finding so many things with so many memories, toys, pictures and such, he and his sisters are doing well with it all and I am glad.
I performed the wedding ceremony for Heather and Justin, it was lovely, she was very happy. I  stayed for part of the wedding dance, which was not easy with so many people, but the colognes, perfumes and such were at a minimum, I stayed strategically in ventilated spots and kept away from the smokers as much as possible. There was one mishap, her dress came unhooked and unzipped as she was dancing, she caught it and was quickly surrounded and put back together.

A Pic of a kiss at the dance, can you believe she has had 5 kids? 

Working is quite hard on me, my environmental problems make it difficult, but it is temporary, I can pace myself a bit and take something for pain which I have a lot of; I do need part time so I don't get so beat down. I think that the online payroll systems for this job are so much easier than the last ones, I got it done easily without a lot of hassle. My first paycheck came on Saturday and I will have direct deposit from now on, or until the job is over in three months. Yeah me!
I tried  pretzel and coconut M&M's as well as coconut twix. They were all interesting, somewhat good, but nothing to get excited about and probably will not go looking for in the future.
I learned how to steam something open this week. We found an old pattern book for Barbie clothes at my mother-in-laws and it was stuck together from having been wet, it looked as if someone had tried to pull it open, so it is not perfect, but I was hoping to salvage it. I went to my friend Barb M. and she taught me how to steam it open, it did take a bit of finesse, but I am happy to report that I did it!
I have a couple of sweaters in the works for Connor, one of which is a cable using St. Dennis Nordique. I really like working with this yarn, it really knits well.I am using a sort of apple green color and the cables should pop really well.
I was sad to learn that The Tangled Skein in St. Peter has closed as well as Smitten with Knitting in Waseca, they were close to go to whenever I travel to Mankato, Mary Lue's is still open in Mankato so I still have a place to go when I am there. Kristen's Knits in Rochester is closing as well by June 20th, so trips should be made there as soon as possible.
My friend Lisa had helped me get some fiber from someone she worked with a few years ago, it had been stored since the 60's I think and was in need of cleaning, I recently took it to the woolen mill in St. Peter, I have the white back but I am still waiting on the brown, which is the one I really want to get my hands on.
The dogs are well, snugly and happy as ever, they have been traveling a bit lately which they like, dogs and car rides you know.

Happy Stitching Trails until next time.