Monday, May 26, 2008

Yarn trial and progress.

So I thought I thought I had enough yarn, Oh, how wrong I was!
I was looking at my Ravelry queue and thinking AI should try to get something moved into projects and going so I could get it done. I thought, ah, the Luna scarf. Crochet so its quick, a simple and lovely pattern, finished it would make a lovely gift.
I had two skeins of Lana Grossa in a worsted weight, that should be enough; here was my first of a few mistakes in my yarn trial this weekend.
By the end of the first skein I knew that two would not be enough, my poor judgment came out of knitting more than I crochet and underestimating my yardage, soooo, I popped into the NU Outlet on Sunday and YES! they had more in the same color way. Now my second trial error; overconfidence regarding how much I would need was rampant in my brain.
The very pleasant person in the shop suggested taking two skeins, oh no, I would only need the one. By evening I could see i was cutting it close, by the time I came to the end, 14 stitches shy of being finished, I was telling myself, I knew better than this, why not the other skein, how goofy of me.
So, here on Monday, I sit with a scarf not yet complete, 14 stitches shy of finished, and praying that last skein will be there tomorrow and believe me, I will be there when they open! The outlet is only open four days out of the week, unfortunately for me, today is not one of those days.

In the upper right hand corner of this photo, you can see the loop where I had to stop because I ran out of yarn.

It is a beautiful scarf pattern I found on Ravelry, this was originally designed for a Harry Potter swap by: Pinkleo and published in the Craftster.

Here is the full scarf folded up a bit; I will keep it for my self if the additional skein cannot be had, I will just work a picot and run the end in, but I am hoping to find the next skein tomorrow and if there are two skeins I will get them and make some quick little wristlets to go with the scarf, which will round it off as a lovely gift.

Here is progress, I pulled my X an O socks out of hibernation and finished them! Ta DA!

These socks are sooo soft, they are made with Cherry Tree Hill hand dyed Louet Gems yarn. Soft and smooth merino yarn.
These are for me and will be wonderful to wear this winter.

I am not an expert on deities of India, but, I have so many things lined up , cued up and in progress that I need all the arms o Kali to make good progress.

Well off to dig in the project pile and pop up with wrist warmers to knit, have to wind the yarn first, but would like to get these done quickly, so I can keep moving through the projects. Yeah!