Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have a stitching secret (insert musical notes here). I am making a pair of secret socks, these socks are coming along well, I am making them to enter in the "think outside the sox" sock contest. No pictures, because it is secret for now.

The socks are a cuff down fair isle and, I am working
down the foot of the first sock, after which I will of course make the second sock. I had not knitted a lot of fair isle in the past, however I was very inspired to do this sock. This is my first sock design and I am so excited about it.

I am now thinking of a pair for breast cancer or
donation. I have been inspired for this one by another blogger and fellow Raveler M. M is dedicated to the cause and helping out, which I like.


Diamond lace set, head band, hand warmers and scarf (to be available on Ravelry soon.)

Hundertwasser knit-a-long hand warmers, I like these a lot and have decided they are for me.

Bottoms up tea pot cozy, I will add a picture later.(don't have one yet)

This lovely purple piece is the back of my baby doll top. I am making slow progress, I add a few rows a day on this but focus more on other items, like my secret sock, yeah.

Have fabulous fiber fun.