Thursday, June 19, 2008

Projects and musings


I was thinking the other day and I don't think I believe the old saying, "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." Of course it is meant to let us know that, we always like or want what we do not have, better than what we do. I would not trade places with someone in a third world country, my grass really does look greener than the neighbors, and I have to purge belongings. Yes, some things could be better in life, but I am fortunate in a lot of ways, God has blessed me with a clear thought path, knowledge to be wise enough to check myself first and evaluate my life on going. That does not mean I am perfect, I do, as we all do, critique those and things around me, but if I do not say it, do not assume I am thinking it. I am outspoken and will give my opinion when I feel it matters and it is my business if you throw your drama in front of me in life; if yo are not trying to fix it and are just whining, I will say something, if only to say I do not want to hear it because it has been cycled through so many times before.
I could have it worse in life; I have a friend in the hospital with congestive heart failure, this on top of a laundry list of aliments, Lupus, Parkinson, Heart disease, Diabetes, wow am I thankful! Her brother is in a coma, lost his colon and is in rough shape. These things are real, not like the drama some like to perpetuate in their lives, I guess I am having a lot of trouble understanding why one would want to perpetuate drama, life is too short and riddled with things that can go wrong for real, I just want to enjoy and be thankful for everything that is good.
There are crops being lost and peoples lives being up heaved by the floods in the Midwest, I have not been flooded, I know people who are and have been and I have to say it is so humbling. I have been in a flood, your life is changed, you have to pick up and in many cases start again. I know they are called acts of God, but I do not believe God has anything to do with it or allows it. These are the dark forces of nature that can and do take periodic hold on our planet. I commend all the effort that is given unselfishly to help others during these crises.


I am making progress on my sock contest sock, deciding changes as I go along and keeping track in writing. I am very excited about this project, I truly would like to if not win something, have my pattern published. There are so many talented people in the world of needlework, so the competition is going to be quite steep. I am making the effort and my results are something I am proud of, even if I don't win or get printed. Even though I would like one or both of the preceding to happen.
I began bed socks earlier in the month and then left them to hibernate, I took them with me to the hospital Tuesday when I called an ambulance for my friend. One bed sock finished and the second one is ready for the heel flap. these are going to be great and I would like to make at least one more pair by this fall or winter.
I am working on lace hand warmers and will focus on those for a while. I do not retain heat well, because of my thyroid problems and it is hard for me to get warm again once I am chilled, so it is important to have warm things.
I am actually going to work on two pairs of lace hand warmers, one is a demo Clickity Sticks design I am knitting for her, the other is a pattern I found on Ravelry, it is by Whitney Van Nes.
I have been a bit remis in taking and uploading pictures, but I will need to get more pictures of projects etc.
My shawls are hibernating at the moment, but I intend to pull them out soon, to get going and finish the two I have on needles up. I have more to get going on with patterns and yarn at the ready.
I hope to make a bit of Progress today, I wold like to start the lace panel on the hand of the Clickity Sticks hand warmer, and finish that as well as my last bed sock by the end of the week. I am starting the ones by Whitney Van Nes today as well.
So much to do, so little time.
Speaking of time, its time to go switch the laundry.
Happy stitches.