Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 2012 Update

I had an eventful Holiday, but without details I can say I did enjoy myself, I spent my gift certificate from Heidi for Mary Lue and Ewe at the annual New Years Day sale. I always like going, it's free yarn mostly. I have a gift certificate, you pop a balloon to find out the percentage discount on your sale and they are always so friendly as well as helpful.
I met my niece T's new fiance, nice kid, cute. He stepped up at a very difficult time in her life, I like him a lot. Tazsmonn and I are trying to help him get a better job, T is looking at colleges and I hope they will both be able to seek higher education in time.
I finished knitting several Christmas stockings for Heidi's family, knitted several Christmas gifts, one gift was knitted by my friend J. I am starting to feel like I'm coming down from the Holiday rush, the girls (Sadie and Abella) are happy to be home as well.Tazsmonn dislikes travel, we were very glad to get back to him!
I have a large queue of projects to get to as well as to finish the Master hand knitters program level one. I have two Isager sweaters in progress as well as a few others. I would like to get a couple of things out of my queue by the retreat in April, one of which I just need to graft at this point. I am resolving for two things out of queue by April, and to finish at least one old project quarterly after that, but hope to do more. Starting with my present queue, I am looking at finishing the grafting project this week as well as a pair of hand warmers. then a sweater by April. I guess that is three projects, but I can do it.
Tehre are three sweaters in progress I want to finish this year. My lace sweater that I was working on for the challenge, and then both my Isager sweaters; the fan and the zig zag.
Yeah! Go me!
Anything besides that within the deadline is bonus!

Happy stitching trails!
Stitching Hermit