Friday, September 25, 2009

A visit to Mankato

I am spending time with my sister Heidi this week. The bonding time is fun and I am getting time with baby Connor, he is such a good natured baby, even while teething.
Connor has found his voice, he laughs and giggles while he screams and makes noise, from time to time he makes the baby talk garble.
Connors older sister Kyra
is visiting for the weekend, she is two and is learning to talk.
my nieces and neph
ews are great to hang out with; it is funny how you forget about the teenage drama of youth, until you see it again.
Great bonding time with Heidi, no stress or intensity. It is funny about personalities, some people are just
varying degrees of intensity naturally, they are not bad it just tends to stress out introverted types.
I am one of those weird introverts
that steps into the extrovert as needed, That and a few other things about my personality keep some people from really understanding me, but, Heidi gets me!

I finished Connors sweater, here are the pictures.

He is adorable in it! now I need to get back to my cable sweater.

Happy stitches everyone!