Friday, March 14, 2014

Lapse in time, technology issues. Underwear progress


I am still here, knitting on the underwear. I had a couple of things come up, one of which is all my technology issues, I'm sure you can relate. I need a new computer, but affordability is not my friend at the moment. The second thin is the HOLT awards, I was reading and judging romance novels for the HOLT awards and now I am finished with that.
Back to knitting like a fiend, a couple repairs came in, the first is finished and the second is in the works, I hope to finish the underwear at my knitting groups annual knitting retreat, which begins in about 5 days from now.

I am also about finished with another child's sweater for the yarn shop, I love making little sweaters for them, I have made a shawl and cowl as well.

The other thing on my needles is a cardigan for myself. I have finished both sleeves and I am working on the back. I am excited about this project, looking forward to wearing it next season if not before.

Happy Stitching Trails to all