Thursday, June 23, 2011

hard at work

The printer contract job I have been working is going well. We are close to being finished in the first building and will be moving on to the next building early next week. Our bodies are definitely feeling it! un-boxing big standing printers, setting them up, moving them to the floors, setting up and moving out the huge old cannons. It has been a lot of work my feet feel like they are on fire or have glass in my heels most of the time. I got new shoes and insoles, it was better today. 
The building we have been in has two very slow service elevators and people are so crabby about having them filled with printers, but there is not much any of us can really do about it, we are maxing at two printers per elevator instead of three to make more room, but these are freight elevators and when the pallets are coming off trucks and we are not allowed to leave anything on the dock, and the truckers have a time limit on the dock, we have fewer options. The printers are heavy, everything is accessible by security badge; the two sets of double doors coming off the dock are automatic and I thought of Dad today. He was a bit of a joker and would have had a bit of fun with the doors, I kept thinking of him going up to them and saying "open says me" as he stepped and they opened. just something to smile about to myself.
This morning a couple of the people and I were talking, the one guy offered me his chair and I talked about how when you work hard and your body hurts like ours do, you don't want to sit, stand, lay or anything and the only thing that does help in a small way is to keep moving. I commented after that "Now I know why babies just cry for seemingly no reason". Tell me what I need, because apparently I don't know.
In the past two weeks I have finished two sleeves and part of a sweater back for a child's sweater. The sweater is cabled and I am making it in green, it's from the St. Denis Nordique Spring 2011 collection. I am making the Nicolas' school sweater by Veronik Avery, in a 4T.
should have it finished in two or three weeks. Follow link below.

Because my lace sweater is not as portable to work on the but I am making slow progress, but I am looking forward to finishing.
Today I bought a small pet yard for the girls, my little dogs Sadie and Abella. I still need to assemble, I think in the yard between the neighbors and us, near the patio, I am hoping they enjoy it.

Back to the knitting!

Happy stitching trails to all