Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009, more knitting and such

Sadie and I made it to Heidi's for Thanksgiving, actually the day before, we arrived on Wednesday. Blueberry (my niece Tia) was still here and we knitted together for a bit, I showed her how to bind off and she took her knitting to her dad's for Thanksgiving. Blueberry she is the one who called me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I could teach her how to cast on and knit over the phone. Funny girl, I had taught her to knit a couple of years ago, then she lost interest until earlier this year when I taught her mom, Heidi to knit and then started to work with her brother in September.
The problem created by this is that she took her brothers needles and yarn to make her scarf, so, today Blake, Heidi and I went to Mary Loues Yarn and Ewe in Mankato to buy more yarn and needles so he could start a scarf in a bright Blue he picked out, forgoing the cast on lesson, I cast on a few stitches, knit a couple of rows and he is working on his knit stitch. On my last visit I had picked up a pattern and yarn to make felted baby booties, this is the first one, not yet put together or felted.


Back tracking to Thanksgiving. Sadie and I drove down to share Thanksgiving in Mankato with family, and if you are wondering about DH, he does not like crowds and high volumes of noise which hurts his ears. Wednesday was bonding time with Heidi and the kids, we ran a couple of errands and then one of my nieces and her family arrived to help with the prep work for Thanksgiving, making salads and such. Thanksgiving was full of families and children. I had many little friends when I opened a bag of chips, and my two year old grand niece was adorable when she would say "bless you" whenever anyone sneezed. They are all adorable, even the ones who cannot seem to stay out of mischief.
A Connor update; he is crawling everywhere, pulling himself up on things, making all the baby gibberish sounds and said his first two words this morning. Connor woke up as my brother in-law was leaving for work, as he walked out of the bedroom door closing it behind him, Connor said "da da" Heidi said he fussed for a minute and then said "ma ma" which was when Heidi went and got him out of the crib.

Today we went to St. Peter to The Tangled Skein, imagine, a yarn shop I had not been to yet, there are a few and this was one. And it is off the main street in St. Peter.


I was wearing my fair isle sweater, which brought some great compliments. I looked at some adorable patterns and did purchase a couple of skeins Dale of Norway Helio yarn in Red, to make Sadie another little fair isle sweater, they take no time at all to make.

I am making progress on my red cable sweater, the pictures I have at this point are not as far along as I am now, but still here is the picture.

I have quite a bit more completed than what this picture shows. The color in real life is better than it shows here, I am looking forward to wearing it as I have worn the other sweaters I have made.

Today was Knitting Our World Together At a friends house, which I missed because I chose to stay in Mankato and watch little Connor today. He is so good natured and cute! he just ooozez cuteness.

I have dinner in the oven that I need to check (YES, I can cook, I just normally do not) Connor is fed and playing with his feet and now we go to the living room to watch the second half of a movie.

Happy Stitches Everyone!