Monday, February 9, 2009

Mourning our kitty Monika

We lost our little dilute calico this past week, she was old and became ill Monday overnight and passed away. I have photos, but do not have any digital photos, she was a talker, demanded her treats in the evening.

It is strange that she is not getting on the couch with me, or jumping onto the bed at night. She was alpha cat and kept the much younger and bigger Sasha in line.

It was helpful that the week was busy with dog walking and a dog rescue. I had been approached on Wednesday while walking all the dog by a woman who said she had a small dog who was a few months old, she could not take care of the dog, she said it was afraid of men and may have been abused when it was younger. Immediately I said yes and gave her my number; she called me Friday morning and I met her to get the dog. Her name is Baby and she is a sweet and lovely dog, who is possibly a terrier and poodle mix. I could not afford to keep baby as she would need a full and complete vet work up (she has not seen a vet at all) as well as needing to be fixed. One of the very lovely ladies in the charity knitting group I attend took Baby for the weekend and they bonded and fell in love. Amy has purchased toys, treats and training aids for Baby, I don't know if she will rename her, but she is a wonderful placement for Baby and we may make play dates for Baby and my poodle Sadie (who took to Baby right away) to get together.

The distractions did not take away the pain of loosing Monika, but knowing I help another little being find a good home was helpful.

May God bless all of our pets and Happy stitches to you.