Monday, April 28, 2008

New books, Whisper shawl

The mail came and I am now the proud owner of a couple new knitting books, plus the Wonderful Wallaby leaflet.

I purchased a pre-signed copy of the Yarn Harlot's Things I learned from Knitting and had it shipped (I have had a bad cold and did not go pick it up) with a copy of the Wonderful Wallaby Sweater. The two books from the Yarnery came in the mail today with my Amazon order, containing a copy of Wendy Knits came in the mail as well and I am going to be busy going over my buys.

Sadie is whimpering and watching a squirrel out side the window, running up and down the tree gathering nesting material.

Whisper shawl, modeled by Kimberly.

My Whisper shawl is complete and Kimberly modeled it at knit night, She looks so cute and wears the shawl well.
The shawl still needed to be blocked at that time, the blocking is now complete. I am so proud of it, that I can't seem to let go to borrow it out. A local shop wants to borrow it and I was going to let them, but I am so unreasonably attached to it I am having a tough time thinking of letting it go for a few days over Mothers day weekend.

Finishing this shawl has given me renewed energy to get back to finishing two other shawls I have in progress. One is the Highland shawl form the Folk Shawls book and the other is the Angel lace shawl form fiber trends.