Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Creative revenue for the Government and staying on the road

So as of last week we were on a work stoppage for this week however, I was missed in a mass email t bring the team in to deploy a truck load of printers that came in. I will be going in next week. 

 I went into the grocer to pick up a few things, when I entered I had stopped to think about my plan of action inside and noticed a man pushing a cart and leaning into it. I think I was in a daze, Thinking he looked exactly like my dad who had passed away a few years ago and how he always talked about noticing people he thought looked like his father after he passed. Suddenly the man winked at me and startled me back to reality, I moved on a bit embarrassed. Dad used to wink at us, don't think this was the same though. 

I have been spending time at Linden Hills knitting. I was in on Saturday and Yesterday with Kimberly. I took back a few sweaters I repaired for a woman who knew someone else in the shop. There were four sweaters with several holes, she had pinned the holes she found, I found more while we were looking them over and more still when I went to repair them. The woman's friend kept saying in reference to the holes, put a butterfly on it. This was funny at the time but the last hole I repaired was on the cardigan and it was too large to really selvage, so taking a cue from the conversation, I did the best I could with the hole, crocheted a butterfly and put it on it! It was about three hours of work all together and the butterfly was the only way to save the cardigan. 

While in the knitting shop on Tuesday, we talked about the state shutdown and other things going on, started to get a bit punchy as does happen and thought of some creative revenue streams for the state and federal government.

-How much would someone pay to be able to drive the presidential limo onto air-force one? There are those who would pay quite a bit, if I had the money, I would.

-How much could be charged to have dinner with the president or the governor?

-How much would people pay to be able to sleep in the white house, or the governors mansion?

-How about page for a day to the governor or president?

-Pay to work out, walk or jog with the president, vice president, governor or first ladies of the country or state?

-Holy cat fish! do any of them knit???? would people pay to knit with them???

Okay, yeah, I'm getting a bit crazy. Time to back away.

I went to get an Arnold Palmer from Cafe 28 next door to Linden hills yesterday and noticed that Wild Rumpus had some more preview books for grownups sitting in the basket for free, I grabbed two. The first is called "Disquiet" by Australian Julia Leigh. It is a book on coming to terms with life and its tragedies in a family in the French countryside, and coming back to life as you overcome the darkness inside. A good read, I devoured it this morning, not a large book, but would recommend.

I have finished the bolero for Brianna and a small kerchief shawl.

I love how these turned out and as soon as I finish Connors Sweater I am starting Tia's bolero.

Time to go,

Happy Stitching trails to all