Friday, June 19, 2009

An added Note

Okay, so I did the shop hop here in the metro area and was shocked, happily so, that I won the large drawing, here are pictures of the new additions to my stash! Very fun!

I rarely win any thing, so this was really fun to get, I think my eyes bugged out cartoon style when I saw what the woman in the shop was handing me. More fun to be had and projects to be done.

Happy Stitches

Here comes the sun

Ready or not, here it comes. Yes, summer will officially be here next week; I know I live in Minnesota, and live with the winter and can totally appreciate the coming of summer, which will be so welcome after the storms that hit in the last couple of days. Tornadoes terrorized Austin Minnesota, although Todd Park and the J.C. Hormel Nature Center were hard hit, lives were spared and the lovely summer weather will be here next week.
Humidity is not my friend, but it is the trial I face to live here, but extreme dry is no better, so live and let live.

I am knitting on my fan sweater, from the Marianne Isager book; "Japanese inspired knits." Working on the first piece, the right front side, about a couple of inches up from the fan patterning stitches in the beginning, but I am, of course rotating projects as well. One project is a pair of socks with the Opal sock yarn "Tonks" color, from the "Half Blood Prince" colorway line. This is the sock I frogged a Christmas time because it was too small for my niece and after measuring her feet increasing stitches and going up a needle size they will fit.

The new VERENA magazine (a European knitting magazine) is out, and it has a pair of lace, toe less foot warmers that I wonder if the little dancer would appreciate? I may ask, I think I have her e-mail.

Where were you last weekend during the first and original world wide knit in public day was happening? Will you be knitting and where during part two this coming Saturday? I was thinking of going to Linden Hills again and of course, the home of the Kiads.

Happy Stitches