Saturday, September 5, 2009

All on a Saturday and before

Okay, so yesterday SB and I went to Rochester to check out the sale at Kristen's Knits, 25% off yarns and patterns. I found a great yarn to make the Faery Ring Cardigan, by Mary Scott Huff.

This is her picture of the sweater.

I am making this in a wine color, should be lovely. I scored on a Namaste Cali Zuma in eggplant, it was used and the magn
etic clasp was broken, but fixable, happy me, here is a picture of the bag.

it is Saturday, I began the morning at a De-stash garage sale, pennies on the dollar for very good quality yarns, found things for myself as well as JW and SD. After that LS, KI and one of K's friends, who may join our Wednesday knitting group, wen for breakfast, then I was off to Linden Hills (of course) for more knitting. Funny thing is, I broke up with the owner of LHY earlier this week, because I acquired the yarn for a few more sweaters and told her I could never come back. KH said "she is breaking up with us", after questions on what they did to offend me, I had to say "its me, not you". I know, a tired and worn out line. I can't stay away, all the souls in the universe know I may need help with the Isager zigzag sweater.

I have now played Farkle on face book, scored over 7,000 and decided to get while it was good. A good example of how nieces and nephews can and do, lead you astray.

I am making progress
on rydal, my cable sweater and Willoughby, the wonderful lace wrap by Jared Flood.
The pink is my Rowen rydal cable sweater, I am working it in the round until I reach the armhole decreases. The Blue lace is Willoughby, if you are able to see the white line at the bottom of the wrap, that is my provisional cast on, to work the second half of the wrap.

The ball of year with the double pointed needles sticking out and the blue and white piece hanging off it, is a mini sock made with road to socialism, Opal sock yarn.

Happy Stitches to you all.