Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday musings

Occasionally I wonder about the odd things like:
Isn't there a fine line between opinion, information and gossip, where is the line?
When individuals on programs spread propaganda, half truths and smoke, who holds them accountable? Is there an accountability?
Is news really news when there is repetitive hype involved?
Is downsizing and rightsizing really that, when the people left doing the jobs, are no longer able to do the jobs to a standard or efficient degree?
So many more things do I wonder about off and on, but if I know anything about anything I may know this; lines move, accountability can be rare, places such as politico, snopes, Libraries and others need to be advertised better, lack of services do not get fixed until the people who have influence are affected and, there is a part of society that is excited by hype.
The other night on the news, Don Shelby (I cannot quote verbatim) stated something to the effect of; the first amendment not only protects peoples right to speak, but it also assures that your opinion may be countered and objected to. This comment brought to mind something a co-worker once said, "you have a constitutional right to be offended".
I believe in our First Amendment rights, however, I am deeply concerned at times that we live in a society borne of highly intelligent and thoughtful men, and that too many in our society are not responsible to its constitutional rights and freedoms, in that they do not care to educate themselves, look into and find the truth that is overshadowed by the propaganda this world produces.
Children (at least a good share of them) are always worried about themselves, what they want and their needs. As adults, although we do need to have validation and needs met, we need to realize that we are responsible to help meet the needs of those people in our lives, especially the needs of our children and that we may and probably will not get all of our needs met. Yes, we need to take care of ourselves, but how many people consider others as they meet their wants and needs in life.
I feel that if I am a responsible adult in society, I will always keep my impact on others in mind, so that I do not interfere with the needs of others, but I do not go so far as to not stand up for myself. I am surrounding myself with people who I feel are like minded, we can be HONEST with each other and not be called abrasive or offend each other because, I think we are responsible adults of society who dialogue and make an effort to understand each other. I know, this is not the norm and to my dismay, this circle may only include one of my sisters. being lied to and manipulated is not in my list of things I want in a relationship, and I rest assured that removing someone who hurts you emotionally, physically, and tells you that they owe you nothing, from your life does NOT make yo a bad person and that it is not a conscionable thing that an adult would let their children believe that you are bad for that.
My mother NEVER even remotely fit the definition of mother (the reality was bad) and I finally had enough, she then had a severe degeneration into Alzheimer, this does not change the past or make any room to go forward. Sad? yes, but bad no. With the help and advice of my well educated professional friends, I am at peace and know I met my needs without infringing on her needs, because for one thing, I have several sisters who are close by and could be far more effective in looking after her.
My hope is this; that people become more considerate, investigate what they hear, even on the news or news programs, not propagate propaganda and think things through.
I do not believe that education is the only thing that makes you intelligent and there are well educated people without common sense, but this is across the board, and lack of education can and does hold people back in life, higher education should be promoted, it is important.
It is important that as we do not dwell on the past, we are mindful of it and bear in mind that it can and does repeat it's self and events of the past can be significant and influence the present. People can and do change, but their past behaviors, circles and events can be significantly important in the present.
Forgive, move on, but remembers in such a way as to keep yourself safe and events from reoccurring.
Enough of the thoughts, on to fiber fun.
I have been knitting and finished a pair of socks with Cascade Heritage sock yarn, (I need to post pictures of finished projects) this is great sock yarn and is a lower price point because it comes in solid colors, I was happy when Jan at Linden Hills decided to stock it. The yarn itself knits up smoothly, and is great yarn to work with, it looks great in lace or with cables, and delicate small cables in socks are rather lovely. I used the pink and made a lovely pair of socks with a butterfly lace pattern and I have been thinking about purchasing a skein of Gray to make a pair of Yarn Harlots Earl Grey socks, which have a lovely cable which pops nicely in the gray color. This would also be one less thing in my Ravelry queue.
I went through my stash of yarns and put kits together of yarns, patterns and books, so my queue of projects is set up and all I have to do now is to knit them. Yeah me.
In undertaking said task of putting stash into kits, I have unearthed a lot of sock yarn, I will need to find patterns and put sock kits together and just make a few pairs of basic socks one of which will be for a niece of mine using the Opal Harry Potter Yarn called Tonks.
I have been working on a ribbed cabled scarf for a gift, it has been my travel, I don't have to think about it and can talk while I am doing it project. Whew! Anyway I am getting a bit ready to be done with it, because it feels like it has been going on to long. i was thinking about giving it as a Christmas present, but as I have not traditionally exchanged Christmas gifts with it's recipient and I wanted to make it to cheer her up, I may just give it to her when it is completed. A happy Caribbean Blue scarf, I think it will be a cheerful gift.
Now to finish the shawls, sweaters and assorted other things in progress.

Happy knitting