Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life in the North of the lower 48

Good morning,

I have been up for hours, had a quick errand this morning, shoveled to get out of the driveway, but now need to shovel my way back in (yup, plow went through). NOT excited about this so I am practicing enjoyable and constructive procrastination by spending some time at a coffee shop, playing on the internet while waiting for the yarn shop to open.
I checked out Ravelry, Facebook and now I am blogging along. Third cup of coffee, should be buzzing and shaking along here soon.
Looking forward to our knitters retreat next month, Lisa is such a wonderful organizer, setting up the cabins and and scheduling people for meals and setting up roommates, getting the attendees list together. I have gone through my stash and have a big tote of yarns for the white elephant dice game.
well, time to start packing up and moseying along to the yarn shop.

Happy stitching trails, see ya soon.