Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Remember me?

It has been a while and I have been busy, not even knitting at times. I competed and A+computer certification and I did a temp gig installing some printers and now I am break-fixing Dell computers. This is fun at times, tiring at times and the driving is always crazy! Good experience, I have a few Dell certifications now and have learned more. On the top of the list is, this is good experience and I am continuing to learn.
Today's fix was for the city of Red Wing.
I have been looking forward to the knitting retreat, there are a few people from last year who are unable to make it; a few names have been thrown in for replacements.
I have so many things on needles, I am trying to finish my classic elite cotton bamboo tee. and unfortunately I continue to add projects of varying degrees of skill and time consumption. A recent addition to my queue is a project that evolved from Kathy, Jenny and I drinking the same kool-aid as Sara Jane at Linden Hills. This project is the Hemlock Ring afghan from Jarrod Floods Brooklyn Tweed. You can find it on Ravelry.com and follow the link to the free pattern on the Rainey sisters web site.
The Hemlock Ring throw is Jarrod's adaptation of the doily. I am using a lovely Claret, Jenny is going to be using a lovely green and I believe Kathy's will be Purple if she does not talk herself out of it. Gotta love those spontaneous Monkey see monkey do projects. I have just begun the feather and fan pattern of this throw and could have it finished soon, and may begin more as Christmas gifts for the coming season. I know, we just got done with all that.
Linden Hills will be starting another challenge soon, this one is likely to be lace, which will be a blessing for me. I have a few lace tops in my queue to knit with yarns from there, a couple are going to be a delicious cashmere yarn productions.I still have a fair isle jacket and the Faery Ring cardigan to make as well.
I am playing with a shawl design using Claudia hand paints lace. The pattern has some form to it, but needs some work yet.
Today I will be knitting during lunch with friends, I have not seen them in a little while. This job tends to interfere with Wednesday night knitting, but the contract is up on February 5th and I am looking forward to its end, there is some talk they want to extend, but the environments are not conducive to good health for me and for a while I was running a bit ragged and having asthma and other lung and health issues.
Tazsmonn is doing all right, more H vac classes and he may become Chief steward and attend the training later this month. The dogs are well, Sadie is my good little buddy and Abella is a busy girl, playing with her toys and getting into trouble.

For now, keep your needles in the yarn and Happy stitches to all.