Monday, September 22, 2008

Back Hoe operator in trianing, a busy week and today

Saturday was a lot of fun. I picked up my great niece (this is she) and we spent a few hours together while her mom worked. First it was breakfast and a cartoon, then I told her we needed to take Sadie for a walk. I wondered how close we would be to the park before she was able to see it and realize where we were going; we made it to almost the end of the block and she said "oh, look it's a park, let's go there. Amy tried everything in the play ground, going from the gliders to each of the swings, climbing the bars and the play gym. the last thing she tried was the diggers, she just did not have the strength for them. "Can you please help me?", yes, I helped, showed her how, and hand over hand we dug, lifted moved and dumped a couple of shovel fulls, then she wanted to do it herself. It went back and forth a few times, she asked for help, then she wanted to do it, and finally she started trying to put her whole body into the task, feet sliding backwards she was saying " I can do it, I know I can." It was the cutest, I giggled and silently bemoaned the fact that I did not own a recorder at that moment, then thought, Why did I not think to bring the camera. The park was not a good place for my dust allergies and asthma, but survive I did.

Definitely have to go back to the park together some time, I just am not able to see her much at all, but maybe I can work something out soon, it was such fun. We came back after a long time playing at the park and we had a tea party lunch on the patio. I did manage to use my camera to take a short video of her reading. Unfortunately, I may try to add later, because it has taken almost an hour and not uploaded yet.

I am starting a busy week Out to lunch and dinner today for my birthday, Meet at a girlfriends house tomorrow with some knitting friends, spinning and knit night Wednesday and Thursday is craft night. I finished my September sock club socks, no pictures yet, and I started a sock pattern from a couple of months ago, I am going to try to catch up now that I have sent my sock contest entry in.

Off to lunch,

Happy Stitches.