Wednesday, January 7, 2009

News scoop

My last big post was September 22nd, since then I have been knitting and playing with designs as well as keeping my head up fighting some mild depression.

I joined the Fair Isle Challenge at Linden Hills Yarn, I am working on the Jamieson's Winter Sunset Cardigan. It is looking very lovely and I hope to make some good progress. Working with the two yarns at once in the fair isle tradition was a learning experience, but I was able to pick it up rather quick.

This is the monkey hat I knitted from a kit purchased at Three Kittens, which moved this year to a new spot. The new space is smaller, but well organized and fresh looking.

I Purchased a pattern for the Frosty Peaks Shawl, by Anastasia Knits. I finished the shawl as a Christmas gift for my sister Heidi, she loved it!

Here is the Frosty Peaks Shawl, as modeled by my crafting friend Linda L.

Unfortunately the picture does not do the shawl justice. The shawl was knitted using Malabrigo lace yarn in the Cadmium colorway.

I was asked to knit a couple of new sweaters for my cousin Marian's dog, Asher.

Sadie is modeling Asher's new sweaters, my cousin loved them and said Asher loved them as well.

I knitted slippers for my sister Becky, her daughter Bri and her son Daniel. I made a pair for her son Matthew as well, but they were a bit big and I sent him a gift certificate instead.
The slipper socks on the left are the ones I made for Becky, Brianna's are
similar, but smaller and Pink. The Red and Black slippers on the right are the ones made for Daniel, he loved them and called me personally to thank me for them; a proud moment and touching that a 14 year old would do that. Daniel can be a thoughtful kid.

Sadie and I went to Mankato to spend the Christmas and New Years Holidays with my sister Heidi and her family.

To the left Sadie is sitting with her Christmas presents, before and after opening them.
Heidi always gives Sadie Christmas Presents and this always includes clothes. Sadie now has two new shirts.

While in Mankato, Heidi and I went to Mary Lue and Ewe Yarn in Mankato a couple of times; the second time was for their New Years day sale where I purchased the Two at-a-time sock book.

Mary Lue's is great little shop which moved from St. Peter to 605 North Riverfront Drive in Mankato. The owner is very friendly and helpful, her web site went live on New Years day and lists classes. Mary Lue's not only carries yarn and books, there is roving and a few spinning supplies, she offers classes and knitting help. During the New years Day sale, there were Locker hoocking, spinning and felting demonstrations; treats and beverages were available and there was pleanty of help if needed. A nice little perk to shopping at Mary Lue's is a yarn card that gives you credit for yarn and spinning fiber, bonus!

I know, how often will I get there? perhaps not often, but I like cards.

Linden hills is still Home base, as long as they are open knitters are welcome to come and knit, help is always available, but they only offer one class, it is beginning knitting taught by Kathleen. If you are looking to learn anything else knit wise, they are more than happy to help you pick your supplies and teach you the technique or skill free. Sit, knit, listen, chat, its all good.

I will post pictures of my cardigan when I make a bit more progress, in the mean time..........

Happy Stitching!