Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life on the knit and a frustration with bobbles.

Today Kimberly, Mary and I went to knitters palette, I bought the new Piece work magazine, which is the 4th Annual historic Knitting issue. The articles speak a bit about the rich knitting history in England and Jewish Lithuania. There is something lovely about historic patterns and the ladies who made them, such as Miss Money; a bit of a question as to who she was. The nostalgia is warming, even though I get a bit lost in the curious way they used to write patterns in those early times and written patterns were not common.

I thought I would begin a pair of socks which I purchased the pattern and yarn for a couple of months ago. Start them I did and don't you know, I am feeling that the little baubles that make the cherries are more frustration than I need right now. Back to the stash bin for that project, it will hibernate for a bit, or longer.

Miss Bella is fitting in well, quite perky and of course energetic as she is a puppy. Bella has no fear, seems to think she is a much larger dog than she is, because she is definitely not intimidated by larger dogs and chases down cats that have more than ten pounds on her. Bella seems to fly when she leaps or flings herself forward. A trim was definitely in order for this little hair ball and she looks more like a dog than something you would find Whoville in. 
Sadie looks out for Bella, still gets annoyed when chewed on too much by her, but they get on well.

I am trying to finish the back of my red cable sweater, I am almost at the point where I can shape the shoulders, measuring in the morning to see where I am at. The rest of my yarn for this sweater needs to be wound yet, so I am going to work on getting that done this week as well as work on the Rowan Narvik sweater I began. I am adding length to the Narvik as it is a cropped cardigan and that will not do on me, would look quite hideous.

So cherry socks aside for now, onward to finis my red sweater and Narvik by March 5th. Just in time for the Rowan's 30 year retrospective traveling show at the Textile Center. As a bonus I will have two new cool sweaters to wear to the retreat our knitting group has going on, thanks to Lisa for finding a place and organizing it; I am really looking forward to this, I want to take a complicated project and an easy one. Imagine, sixteen knitters all tucked away in a couple of cabins, knitting and perhaps some wine.